How to Prune Your Trees and Shrubs in Winter

Feb 16, 2022 | Shrub Pruning

It’s the dead of winter – the time of year when we’re most likely to lose a tree or two in our backyard as we trim off the dead branches and cut back on overly luxuriant trees. But did you know that many trees are killed by overgrown roots? Those roots can be removed with a shrub saw, leaving your shrubs and trees looking much better as you will be able to see what is happening below the surface.

Know Your Trees

Trees and shrubs do not need to be pruned in winter, but you should be aware of their needs as the season progresses. Trees will lose all or part of their leaves during winter; mulberry trees are an example of this. Shrubs will stay green all winter, so you don’t need to worry about pruning. Knowing the type of trees that grow in your yard is the first step to pruning them. Most trees and shrubs enjoy winter temperatures in the 50s and 60s, with a few exceptions. The best time to trim is during the winter months.

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The Basics of Pruning

There are a few ways to approach the pruning process. The first decision a gardener has to make is what kind of an area they need to maintain and prune. For example, most fruit trees will only require pruning every once in a while, while perennials in your garden may require more regular shaping. The winter is a great time to prune your trees, shrubs, and plants. Why? Because there’s less foliage to hide unsightly branches and those lovely flowers are now dormant, allowing you to get close and trim away any dead wood and damaged areas.

When to Prune

It’s important to remember that trees and shrubs can’t make new leaves during the winter. It’s best to prune your trees and shrubs in winter, so they’ll have a good start on the spring season from wood that won’t wither away in summer. However, there are many different tactics for how to prune your trees and shrubs. Not all trees and shrubs are the same, so it is important to know what type you have before pruning them. Many deciduous trees require pruning in wintertime. This makes sense since they lose their leaves in the fall and need time to grow new ones before the spring arrives.

What are the benefits?

Winter is a time of rest for all our plants. Pruning your trees and shrubs is an easy and effective way to renew them. In addition, pruning will help prevent pests, and keep the tree’s or shrub’s shape better. There are many benefits to pruning your trees and shrubs in winter. One of these benefits is that it helps them to grow healthier and more vibrant for the summer season. It also helps them to take up less space on your property, which means you can plant more flowers or vegetables in other areas.

How to Do It Right

If you have an old tree in your yard, one of the first things that you should do is to remove it. If the tree is too big or if it’s too close to your home, you need to take other measures like moving it further away from your house and installing a special fence to keep people from climbing the tree. First, cut off all the branches that are touching the ground. Then cut out any limbs that are hanging low over the ground. When pruning bushes, trim off those shrubs near where they will be planted next season and make sure that they’re a healthy size so they can grow without taking up much space in your garden.

Recommended Tools

The best time to prune your trees and shrubs is in the dormant season. Trees that are alive will be more susceptible to damage if you put them through the process in winter. The best tools for this task are pruning saws, loppers, and hand clippers. Pruning in the winter is different than pruning during the rest of the year. There are a few key differences that you should take into consideration when deciding to prune your trees and shrubs.

My Neighbor Services

The winter is a time for pruning, so if you are planning a big project, do it now. If you want to see your shrubs and trees grow in the spring, of course take care of them now. You should also consider pruning your plants as this will increase the health of their leaves. Finally, make sure that your plants are getting enough water because they will not be able to use the water stored in their roots very well if they’re too dry. Call My Neighbor Services for expert recommendations and lawn care today!

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