Sod Installation

Sod Installation

Have you ever looked at your neighbor’s luscious green garden and wondered how they did it? Sodding may be the answer.

Want to learn all the various benefits that come with sodding? Don’t worry, our team at My Neighbor Services will explain to you in detail how it works and what preventive measures you should take to get the most out of your investment. 

Sod is grass, and some part of the soil beneath it is held together by the root system and sometimes using a thin layer of biodegradable material. But this is only a small part of what sod is.

Various other aspects are worth looking and interesting when exploring all the benefits of sod.

Where can you use sod?

Sod is usually used in the following places:

  • Lawns in private homes
  • business and commercial properties
  • golf courses
  • schools
  • sports stadiums
Lawned garden

What is it used for?

One of the fastest ways to increase the overall value of your home in Allen, TX, is by landscaping, but sod has various other uses that go beyond its cosmetic appeal. For example:

Sod is applied to quickly establish a lawn in places where seeding would be too expensive to use or would blow away.

New construction sites and on hillsides, sod can help you prevent soil erosion. Besides improving cooling, sod can also improve water and air quality in the area.

Sod can help prevent flooding as well since it can help drain rainwater and divert it into the ground where it can become a part of your groundwater supply instead of overflowing your drainage system or an already swollen water supply.

In places like Scandinavia, sod is also used as a roofing material for homes. It can also be used to build certain types of traditional houses in Iceland. Some of the most popular types of sod that companies grow are as follows:

Bermuda grass

Bermuda grass is extensively used across the southeastern part of the United States of America. It can adapt comfortably in all climates and requires deficient maintenance thanks to its slow growth.

Zoyzia grass

Zoyzia forms a thick lawn with medium-broad textured leaf blades and requires less water and fertilizer than St. Augustine varieties. It requires moderate to good shade tolerance comparable to St. Augustine and produces a thicker turf than St. Augustine. It is drought-tolerant, but may turn brown in some conditions.

 St. Augustine

Saint Augustine grass is only available as sod and does not do well in cold climatic conditions. Developed in the University of Florida, it is pest resistant and can grow well in shady conditions. St. Augustine grass requires minimum maintenance.

Advantages of sodding

When compared against seeding, sodding your lawn has numerous advantages that most homeowners living in the Collin County area are unaware of.

Instant lawn

One of the most common and noticeable advantages of sodding your lawn is that you will have an instant lawn without much effort.

If you choose to seed your lawn instead of sodding, it will take a minimum of 18 months to grow fully; meanwhile, you will be stuck with an empty yard. Whereas sodding your lawn, on the other hand, gives you an immediate change in the aesthetic value of your property and can be fully established in about two weeks after its installation.

Our team from My Neighbor Services can have your sod installed in a few hours in an average size yard. Moreover, sod can be installed in your yard during any season, as long as your ground is not frozen.

Less than usual irrigation

To help your seeds with germination, a seeded lawn requires proper irrigation at least four times in a day to keep the ground moist and comfortable for healthy growth. In contrast, sod needs to be watered only twice a day for a couple of weeks after installed.

Preventing soil erosion

Sod can help you control mud, dust, and erosion since it is already fully grown and mature. If your house has a yard that gets muddy when it rains, installing sod is a great way to eliminate such issues.

Professional growth

Unlike your usual lawn grass, sod is grown by professionals. There is no denying the fact that professionals use the right techniques to harvest a superior soil that gives you green and healthy growth.

Sod farms prefer to grow their sod using high-quality seeds and hybrid Springs. They also use professionally designed machinery that can lift strips of sod like a roll of carpet.

Some farms don’t even harvest their sod until they get an order which helps them keep it as healthy as possible.

Heat reduction 

Concrete, bare soil, asphalt, and artificial turf tends to emanate heat. Sod, on the other hand, can absorb heat. This can be crucial for areas that experience sweltering temperatures. Besides reducing heat, sod can also reduce greenhouse gases by absorbing all the carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen which cools the air.

Value appreciation 

Most real estate agents say that a luscious green lawn can instantly add value to your property, making it easier to sell. This is an essential point if you are planning on putting your home up for sale. As a homeowner, you should understand that your property’s exterior is as important as the interior. 

Maintaining your sod 

Sod can properly grow only if the soil underneath it is adequately prepared. You should make sure that your soil has all the required nutrients and no contaminants or toxins. 

This is why we suggest you hire a professional from My Neighbor Services to get your sod appropriately installed

stacks of sod rolls

After installation

The fresher the sod is, the better. Ideally, you should get your sod harvested and installed on the same day. After your sod has been installed, you will need regular maintenance to keep it healthy and alive. 

This is much easier to do when compared to seeding. 

New sod

For the first few days, you need to ensure that your sod is well saturated with water and is kept moist at all times. This is because, during the initial days, the roots try to attach themselves to your yard’s soil. Once your sod is rooted correctly, you can reduce watering your yard to an inch every week. 

You should also avoid walking on your sod while being established; otherwise, you will interfere with its root development process. 

Insects and fungi 

A new layer of sod tends to be much more vulnerable to fungus. If you notice that your grass looks discolored, you can try using an organic fungicide to eliminate any disease. 

Even insects can cause a lot of damage to your sod. If you feel like you have an insect problem, you can contact an expert from My Neighbor Services. Our experts will help you figure out an ideal plan of action will be best for your lawn.

By now, you know all the advantages that come with sodding your lawn. Thanks to its quick installation, you will be able to have the yard of your dreams almost instantaneously. Moreover, you are protecting your soil from erosion and saving yourself the added expense of frequent watering.

Like most homeowners, if you are tired of living with a less than ideal lawn and are looking for an effective way to boost your property’s value, installing sod is a perfect way to go.

Like we mentioned earlier, installing a layer of sod instead of planting grass seeds around your lawn will allow you to have a green lawn without much effort. 

Nevertheless, keeping your lawn green and healthy will depend on how your sod is installed and cared for while its roots continue to establish and grow into your soil beneath.

Just like every other gardening technique, there is a right way and a wrong way you can install and take care of your new sod. Landscaping your home is considered to be a wise investment of your time and money. 

Spending just 5% of your home’s value to do landscaping can end up reaping up to 150% return on your investment. Installing sod on your lawn can allow you to enjoy the appearance of your yard immediately.

On the other hand, if you had decided on seeding your lawn instead of sodding, you would have to wait for at least 18 months to reap the benefits out of it. 

Our professionals from My Neighbor Services will do an excellent site preparation that will include removing all weeds, amending and grading your soil, and using all the correct application techniques required to give you the best results. 

However, all the effort that you put into the preparation and installation of your sod will go into waste if you don’t take care of it properly.


After your sod is dry enough to walk on after the initial soaking and installation processes, you need to tamp or roll your sodded area lightly using a lawn roller. This is essential to ensure that your sod is properly in contact with your yard’s soil, and there are no bumps or air pockets in between. 


You need to mow your newly sodded lawn in about five to six days after installation or as soon as your grass blades reach 4 inches height. Mow your grass according to your sod species’ recommended height, typically around 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall.

Make sure that your mower blades are sharp and never remove more than 1/4 of your grass’s height in a single mowing session. Leave all your grass clippings in place unless they clump together. Break or remove any clumps of grass clippings so that they could breakdown and return all its nutrients back to the soil.


You should consider getting the soil in your lawn tested and plan your fertilizer application and type based on your soil test results. As a general guideline, a newly installed sod will take advantage of a fertilizer application after four to six weeks of proper growth.

Traffic considerations

A little foot traffic should not interfere with your sod’s establishment, but minimizing your foot traffic for at least two to three weeks after installation or until your roots are properly established is ideal for proper growth. If possible, you should also avoid heavy or concentrated activity on your sodded area for four weeks after installation.

Other Services

At My Neighbor Services, we offer a wide range of professional lawn care and landscaping maintenance services that extends far beyond just sod installation. In addition to sod installation, our services include:

Moreover, all our lawn care and landscape maintenance services are fully customizable to meet your unique needs. And that is how we can guarantee top-quality professional services.

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