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What do you mean by bush removal? 

There are many reasons you, as a homeowner in Allen, TX, may wish to get your bushes, trees, or shrubs removed. In case of getting your shrubs removed, it can just be time for you to make a few changes around your lawn or garden.

Perhaps you wish to remove the hedge that separates your property from your neighbor’s house to build a privacy fence.

Another reason why you may need to get your bushes removed is they are just not as healthy and good looking as they used to be, or maybe you have a better landscaping idea in mind.

When the time eventually comes for you to hire a professional bush removal service in the Collin County area, get in touch with us at My Neighbor Services. We have been serving homeowners in the Collin County area for the past ten years.

Whenever you feel the need to get your unwanted bushes removed, our professionals will make it a point to provide you with the most reliable results!

Having overgrown bushes and shrubs on your backyard or lawn can hinder your walkways and desired vistas.

Ideally, bushes and shrubs help lock the soil around and help make your yard look more attractive and beautiful. But if they are left unattended for an extended period, they can quickly overgrow and take over your property.

Once your bushes with central trunks grow out of control, you can also choose to get them trimmed back into a smaller size that looks more manageable.

We are a local bush removal company near you that offers professional lawn maintenance services that will help you restore some order to your yard.

Whether you wish to maintain your yard’s current landscape or if you want to redo your lawn entirely, professionals from My Neighbor Services can help you achieve your desired look with minimal soil disruption.

We can help you:

  • Maintain and trim your bushes in proper style and shapes
  • Cut any damaged or overgrown shrubs
  • Properly remove any unwanted root systems in order to prevent rot or new shoots

Reasons, why you may want to get your bush and shrub removed

Excessive growth 

Overgrown bushes can end up blocking out all the sunlight, which is necessary for its neighboring plant life to thrive.

When getting them trimmed back to normal is no longer a feasible option, we can help you remove all your overgrown shrubs, which will help create more space for newer and healthier growth. 

Poor health 

Bushes and shrubs can often get infested with disease and parasites, which can quickly transfer to other trees and plants in your yard. Bushes that suffer from bad health can also rob the soil of its necessary nutrients.  

Your shrubs and bushes may be malnourished or towards the end of their lives for a number of reasons. If not treated in time, this can severely affect the overall value of your land. 


Sometimes the problem may just be that you want a different looking yard. If you are planning on re-landscaping your yard, getting rid of all your old and dead bushes and shrubs is an ideal way for you to create a clean slate for all your new planting ideas. Just like your interior, even your landscaping design goes through trends and may start to look dated. 

Reclaiming space

One of the major reasons why homeowners choose to get their bushes removed is simply because they want to use that particular space for something else.  

For example, you may want that extra space in your yard in order to extend your patio. Situations like these may demand you to get your bushes removed, roots and all. 

Bushes cause problems 

Even though the rooting system of shrubs and bushes is not as pervasive as those of a fully grown tree, they could still interfere with your underground structures and pipes. 

If your bushes are in close proximity to your home, they can also result in cracking the foundation of your home.  

Even though these issues may not often be serious, you may have to get your bushes removed in order to prevent any further damage.  

It’s usually more likely that the entire group of plants will have to be removed completely to solve the issue.

Why should you hire a professional bush removal service? 

Hiring a professional bushes removal service can help you fix this problem without any effort. Shrubs and tree removal services are among the most sought-after services here in the Collin County area.

In case you need our assistance, our team from My Neighbor Services will be more than happy to help.

We give you this service in order to eliminate any risks that may be posed by the old trees. Undertaking a tree removal project all by yourself could expose you to various unnecessary dangers associated with it.

This is why you need to get in touch with a professional company that will help you out as soon as possible.

If you have large bushes or dead trees that need to be removed, there are numerous reasons why you need to hire a professional to get the job done for you.

Shaping and pruning

You may have noticed a few creatively shaved bushes, hedges, and shrubs around your neighborhood. There are various ways you can make your shrubbery look amazing. Even if artistic shrubs may not be something that you wish to have on your lawn, it is hard to object to symmetrical and neat shrubs and bushes.

They can help in making your lawn look much more refined and well maintained. Shaping and pruning your bushes is an affordable and easy way to add aesthetic value to your yard. Our team will trim shrubs to meet your desired specifications while making sure their liveliness and health.

Spring, autumn, and summer maintenance

We have noticed that clients often call us for bush removal services when the initial signs of spring start to blossom. This helps in making sure that as their lawn starts coming to life, everything looks clean and in order.

Nevertheless, not all clients are the same, and you may prefer to get your landscape maintained in the fall or summer. No matter your preference, our team will work with you to give your shrubs and bushes all the necessary care they deserve.

Our team will be happy to give you valuable advice about the best way you can take care of particular shrubs and bushes on your property. Here at My Neighbor Services, we offer professional bush and shrub removal services to both commercial and residential property owners.

It will help save time

Given that you, as an average homeowner, do not have the required tools and equipment to perform the job properly, you may have to spend even more time than you need to.  This is something that most homeowners definitely do not want to do since they already have a busy schedule. 

On the flip side, a professional bush removal expert from My Neighbor Services will have all the equipment and years of experience, which will help get the job done with minimal time and effort. If you contact us, we will take care of the project most safely and effectively.  

It will help you save money

If you ask a homeowner why they don’t choose to hire a professional service, you will most likely get the same answer: it is too expensive. However, it is not true.  

Hiring a professional from My Neighbor Services is actually the most affordable route that you can take.

This will eliminate all expenses that may occur if you perform bush removal on your own and get into problems like pipeline damage, injury, or creating a mess.  

Moreover, if you don’t get your bushes removed, they may end up causing you much more expensive damage in the near future. 

It will prevent any injuries

Dead trees and bushes can be extremely dangerous not only for your lawn and property but also for your family members and pets.  

Hiring a professional bush removing expert will protect you against such risks. Performing a tree or bush removal on your own is never a safe idea.  

Since a project like this requires sharp tools, it would be best if you leave the job to professionals who have adequate training and do it on a daily basis. We can take care of the job for you. 

Maintaining cleanliness 

All homeowners love to uphold a high level of cleanliness and tidiness in and around their property. If you wish to keep your home and property clean, then you must get all dead and dying bushes, shrubs, and even large tree removed from your yard.  

The best way to get this done in the Collin County area is by contacting My Neighbor Services. We have professionally trained personnel, all the required equipment, and liability protection, which makes us perfect for the job.  

Safe bush removal in the Collin County area

In the old days, a tree would just get cut down and left to fall any way that it would. Removing a tree or bush in this way is not exactly the safest way to go (even more if there are power lines or buildings nearby).  

Every year, inexperienced homeowners witness accidents and property damage while trying to attempt a tree removal all by themselves.  

It is vital to hire well-trained and qualified individuals when planning to remove bushes, shrubs, or trees.  

An ideal bush removal project involves using ropes, rigging equipment, and a bucket lift truck. Removing trees in sections is better than taking them down all at once. Ideally, this means starting with the branches and then working down from the top.  

Similarly, it is better for shrubs and bushes if you cut them one at a time instead of pulling them off the ground. This will make a lot of mess in your yard, which will require even more effort to deal with. 

Cleaning up all tree debris 

We have noticed, some bush removal services leave a huge mess behind after they are done with the project. The property owner then eventually has to hire another service to clean up all the mess that was left behind.  

At My Neighbor Services, we will do it all, including stump and debris removal in the Collin County area. Our dedication towards giving all homeowners the best in the class job is just another reason why we have been so successful for the past ten years in the field.  

You may find multiple companies offering bush removal services, but none of them can compare to My Neighbor Services. Get in touch with us and let us show you what real service means.  

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