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Hedge Trimming

A hedge service can help you provide a beautiful and natural fence line and create an outline for your private property. But what most homeowners need to understand is that having a hedge requires maintenance, love, and care in order to keep it looking beautiful throughout the year.

There are many reasons you need to remain diligent when it comes to your hedge trimming, even if it may seem like a daunting task. Given below, you will find a few reasons why all homeowners should remain on top of their hedge trimming.

Hedges act as a popular ornamental feature for commercial and residential landscape designs here in the Collin County area. Hedges often come in various sizes and types like evergreen or seasonal, but all kinds need to be trimmed. Please continue reading to find out why it’s essential for homeowners to get their hedges trimmed.


Safety may not be the first thing that homeowners consider when planning on trimming their hedges, but there are various ways that it does apply.

Keeping all your tall hedges trimmed will help you reduce any chance of damage to vehicles or your property during a storm by lowering the total amount of dead wood that can be blown away.

Hedges near streets and driveways also need regular trimming to prevent them from overgrowing and blocking the traffic view. Hedges near your home’s walkways should also be trimmed to prevent them from growing to the point where it becomes a hazard in the walking area.

Since your hedge is a living plant, it also has the ability to grow as tall as its surroundings allow it to. Heavy rainfall and harsh winds can cause some parts of your overgrown hedge to fall and become a hazard in your living space.

With a hedge easing its way closer to your house or car, it would be best if you trim back all the overgrown parts before any mishaps happen.

Value Appreciation

The value of your property is an important consideration with most maintenance projects, and a properly maintained hedge can help increase the value of your home whenever you decide to sell it.

Having a property that features a well-trimmed and dense hedge will give your property an edge over others in your neighborhood by attracting more potential buyers.

But just like every other feature, the opposite is also true. A poorly trimmed or unmaintained hedge may end up detracting from your home’s total value.

Health And Condition Of Your Hedge

Regular trimming and maintenance are crucial for the overall health of your hedges. Getting rid of any dead or diseased parts of your hedge will keep the plant healthier while allowing better growth in the future. Getting rid of all the deadwood will also help reduce the risk of insect problems inside your hedge.

To help you better understand how it works, think about how your hair feels after a haircut. When all the frizzy and dead ends of your hair pile up on the floor, you feel airy and light with your healthier and more beautiful new hair.

The same goes for your hedges. Once you are done trimming all the overgrown parts of your hedge, you will see that the hedge will look much healthier and livelier than it did before.


Privacy is the most common reason why homeowners choose to plant hedges on their properties. Regular trimming and maintenance of your hedges will allow them to correctly fill in and provide even more privacy to the homeowners.

Trimming away all the excess plant growth that is moving upward or outward will allow the plant to fill in around the core, making it more difficult to see through. People prefer planting hedges around their property because they look better than a standard brick wall.

Maintaining The Appearance Of Your Hedge

A beautifully trimmed hedge will not only extend its lifespan but will also give you quite the visual statement in your yard. All homeowners can have a hedge in their property, but you can set yours apart from all the others by getting it perfectly manicured.

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, a well-maintained yard can help you boost your property’s overall curb appeal.

Ensuring Even Growth

If you trim and maintain your hedge correctly, you will ensure a healthy and long life. However, to do that, you will need to know how to cut your hedge correctly. If you leave your hedge unkept, it will naturally grow into a V shape.

This happens because the top of your hedge receives much more sunlight, which helps it flourish, while the bottom area remains in the shade by the budding top. In order to have a hedge that has consistent growth from top to bottom, it is essential to trim your hedge in a reverse V shape.

This will allow the bottom, typically unkept, part of your hedge to receive proper sunlight and ensure that it grows as healthy as the top portion.

Remember, your home’s yard plays a vital role in creating your property’s first impression amongst most potential homebuyers who come to visit or pass through your home. It will send a message to others regarding how well you keep your home.

Why Should You Hide A Professional?

All homeowners want a house with a beautiful surrounding, but not everyone possesses the foresight and skills required to help them take the right steps towards achieving it. Since hedges act as an asset to your yard’s overall appearance, to keep your hedges well-groomed, and to make it look attractive, it is always better if you hire a professional hedge trimming service near you.

Having a beautiful yard in your property that features well-trimmed hedges and bushes is not something that all homeowners can manage. For some, it may even seem very easy, but trimming your hedges and bushes require a lot of experience and expertise.

Your hedges are susceptible plants, and if you end up making a mistake while trimming, it can cause severe damage to your plant, and you will end up with a dead or ugly hedge in your property.

No doubt hiring a professional to do the job for you will give you a much better result than a DIY project – unless you are a qualified professional and own all the right equipment required for the job.

Our team of professionals from My Neighbor Services will explain to you in detail why you should hire a professional hedge trimming service in the Collin County area.

Keeping your property in shape

If you are a homeowner, you should know that it is a significant investment and should always be kept in its best condition so that it’s appealing to you and your visitors. To ensure that your property looks and feels unique from other homes, you should regularly trim and maintain the trees around your home and those in your compound.

When it comes to trimming your hedges, you can either choose to do it yourself or hire a professional who knows how to get the most out of a trimming project. Most homeowners believe that trimming their trees is an easy task, but it is certainly something that requires a lot of skill and knowledge. This is why we advise you to look for someone who has enough experience and all the relevant skills needed to do the job for you.

Even though you may have to pay some money for your tree trimming services, but you will get various benefits that do not compare to the cost you have to bear. Here at My Neighbor Services, our professional hedge trimming service cost is not too hard on your pocket.

Good quality trimming

There is no doubt that a hedge can help you greatly enhance your yard’s beauty, but if not maintained adequately, it can become an eyesore. Many homeowners take trimming work lightly; they believe they can trim hedges like professionals but end up with a bad result.

So if you, like most homeowners, wish to make your property look beautiful without damaging your hedge, you need to hire a professional to guarantee safe and good quality trimming.

Moreover, all our professionals from My Neighbor Services are arborists who have many years of experience in the field. They will trim your hedges by keeping various factors into consideration like the type of hedge, equipment, season, and much more. All their professional experience and knowledge will aid in a better trimming process.

Using all the right tools and equipment

Another primary reason why homeowners prefer to hire a professional lawn service for their hedge trimming is that they have access to all the right kinds of tools required to get the job done correctly.

We have specialized saws, pruning tools, and power trimmers, which help us maintain uniformity when trimming your hedges. Our experts will use the best-in-class tools suitable for your hedge and make sure that your yard looks beautiful and clean until your hedges grow back.

Professional results

If you have ever tried to cut your own hair, you have probably seen how horrible the results were. Similarly, trimming your hedges and trees when you have little to no experience can look unpleasant, and you may end up regretting your decision of cutting them yourself later.

However, when you hire a professional hedge trimming expert from My Neighbor Services, you will be pleased with the end result since they know what needs to be done to give you the best possible results.

Moreover, we also have some of the best trimming tricks and techniques that help us produce quality work.

Avoiding any damage to your property 

Properly trimming your trees needs patience and is not something that you can get done without following the right steps. You need to cut your hedge in parts so that the trimming is an overall success and is also safe.

Homeowners who do not have any experience in trimming their hedges may not even know where to begin. If you start cutting too high, the branches that fall may end up damaging other branches. This is why you should always hire a professional to get the job done in no time.

Professionals will help you save time

Like most homeowners, if you are always busy with your work, you may find the need to give professionals trimming your bushes a strict deadline to complete the project. One great thing that comes with hiring a professional from My Neighbor Services in the Collin County area is that we will get their work done within the given time and even earlier if possible.

We will get the job done within a few hours; hence by hiring a professional hedge trimming service, you will be in peace, knowing that you will not be inconvenienced in any way. Besides, knowing that professionals are working on your project, you can also go ahead with other essential activities of your day to day life.


Hiring a professional hedge trimming service from My Neighbor Services will help you maintain your hedge’s health, safety and make your yard look beautiful. We are an insured and licensed lawn care service provider who has been serving all homeowners living in WylieFairviewMurphySachseFriscoLucasMcKinney, and Plano for the past decade.

If you live in the Collin County area and are looking for a professional hedge trimming service near you, then give our team a call at 469-837-8871, and we will do our best to answer all your queries. Many businesses and homeowners trust our experts to deliver quality and affordable hedge trimming services in the Collin County area.

With our professionals by your side, you do not have to stress about trimming and cleaning up the mess. Contact us today to get a free quote on your project. We are a trustworthy local lawn care service provider.

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