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Powerful machines that somewhat look like lawnmowers with attached rotating blades roll up a tree stump after a tree has been removed and churn it into pieces. It grinds the leftover wood and takes the stump well below the ground level. The wood chips that result from grinding can be used as mulch on the site or simply be added to your green waste. Experts suggest filling the freshly dug hole due to stump grinding with the chips and nicely covering it.


Nothing screams home for unwanted pests, insects, and diseases like that old and idly sitting stump.

Stump presents health and physical hazards that can affect the adjacent greens or make way right into your property. Allow My Neighbor Services to beautify your landscape and make it as safe as possible with our exceptional stump grinding services.

The stump grinding process is a bit complex and time-consuming. However, our team makes sure that your yard remains intact at the end of the day and is left in pristine condition. We do not leave behind wooden chips of the grinders. Our services leave a minimal impact on your surroundings and clear the old stump.


The tree stump left behind can be a trouble for so many reasons. It deters your movement, lawn care efforts and does a lot of harm to the property. Therefore, you will have to hire tree stump grinding services in North Texas to get the stump removed for the following reasons:


As the grind’s circular blades eat the stump, it produces mulch composed of tree material and dirt. This mulch takes up more volume than the stump itself. However, the mulch is valuable and decomposes quickly. Therefore it is our custom to push back the mulch into the area that has been excavated. Tree owners also suggest using the mulch all around the yard beside the place the stump has been unearthed. Once the mulch settles around with some time, this can be packed in the ground-out area, and prepping can be initiated for laying sod. Additional services can also be employed after the stump is ground, but our standard practice is to leave the mulch on-site. 


If your lawn is not too big, the remaining stump will only occupy the yard’s precious space. You may lose a ton of room to those roots and remains. Had the stump not been pointlessly sitting there, you could have used the area for something better, like putting an outdoor table or installing flowerbeds.


It is needless to say; the remaining stump is risky for everyone around. It limits movement and can especially hurt the kids or pets if they spend time in the yard. If a neighbor or visitor happens to stumble upon the stump in your compound, you can be legally held liable for their injuries. What else? Stump hinders lawn care efforts such as mowing the yard and preventing the mower from performing its best. Even worse, it will wreck the yard equipment causing it to hit someone or something.


Aesthetically speaking, they are very much unsightly. If you are meticulous about your landscaping needs and maintenance, getting rid of a stump is the best you can do, as it is also justified. It may be an overwhelming process. However, qualified lawn care experts at My Neighbor Services can take over your hassles. All you need to do is get in touch with our stump grinding experts and leave the rest to us.


This is true; an abandoned stump develops new sprouts and brings about a wave of new trees growing around the area. This certainly makes the landscape appear a little untidy and unattractive. You may have to spend additionally on chemicals to get rid of these new shoots. These may also leech the surrounding vegetation’s nutrients, leaving your flowers from getting any good stuff for themselves.


When you allow a tree stump to sit on the ground for too long, it can invite unwanted pests, flies, and bugs. The remains decay very slowly, and while these are rotting, all sorts of termites, ants, fungi, and other creatures can be drawn into it. You may not observe any immediate effects, but eventually, the insects start spreading across the compound, weaken your greens, and cause diseases.


In instances where a tree may have been uprooted, it is not easy to deal with the stump as with other cases. The grinder will have a hard time if there is more root material above the ground. Based on the condition of the tree’s removal, type, how it grew, the grinding process may be determined. Weather conditions also form a critical factor in deciding if the stump would be removed or be as it is. Operating the stump grinder under heavy rain or wet soil conditions can be challenging and create more mess than you can imagine.

Therefore, we always send an arborist first to analyze the condition and then quote an estimate alongside a practical plan of action for your needs. Stumps, in general, can be ground without much trouble. However, it is upon proper analysis that the arborists would conclude if your particular stump can be ground or not.


Although rare, it can still happen. The ground stump can give rise to new shoots from the roots left underground. Specific plant or tree species are all the more common than others. However, this isn’t something to worry about – you can trim or mow these sprouts, and they will eventually stop coming back. Commercially available root killers can accelerate the dieback of roots. However, we always suggest that customers use organic alternatives such as white vinegar in place of any toxic products that can harm the environment, soil quality, and other blooming greens around.


Ideally, you must not leave the tree stumps at their place for too long. After tree removal, it is suggested to grind the stump ASAP. However, the process is not necessary and can be problematic in certain situations. Hard to reach areas, trees growing in smaller planting holes, and stump close to other trees or buildings would make stump removal impossible. Chemical stump removers come to the rescue in emergencies, but these are lethal for the environment.

Besides, we also get client calls to take the tree down but not cut it to the ground level. They wish to use the stump as just another yard feature. Preservatives are used to allow the standing stump to last for years. There are also requests to allow the stump to decompose naturally and turn into a rich organic material. But it can forever send out new growth and attract unwanted creatures, which can certainly lead to quite a few undesirable situations. This is why experts at My Neighbor Services recommend property owners to opt for grinding services and save themselves from any future unforeseeable problems.


Primarily, three factors can affect your stump grinding quotes:

  • Size of the stump
  • Location of the stump
  • Depth the grinder would need to go

However, you may get in touch with us to discuss your needs and request an exact estimate. If required, an expert from our crew would visit the site and assess the stump condition after the tree has been removed. This allows us to offer you honest, dedicated and services that matter the most to you. Usually, the services fall within the budget, but any additional treatment can vary your quotes.


This is one of the critical reasons why you must partner with a stump grinding professional. The process is very complex, and doing it yourself leaves you at the risk of injuring yourself or anyone around you. Choosing a reliable stump removal service in North Texas will assure you the peace of mind that the process will be done securely and by someone who understands the job’s specifics. You will have experienced personnel on-site who will have the appropriate gear, information, and abilities.


After dedicating all the time and energy to your yard, you, at last, get an ideal space, one that is pleasing, inviting, and levels up your property’s value. There are beautiful blooms, stable trees, meticulously cut shrubs, finely trimmed grass, and all the other things that talk of textbook landscaping. One detail that might be ruining those spectacular greens and flowers is that old stump. The beauty subsides in front of the unattractive tree stump.

This is why it is perfect to get rid of the space-occupying stump with the help of a professional stump grinding service provider. They master the techniques of adequately, securely, and rapidly expelling the overlooked and unpleasing tree stumps with their state of the art equipment and best in class practices. Within no time, they can get your issues tackled.


You would need professional assistance since stump grinders require a trained eye to deal with heavy-duty machinery. Only a trained tree care specialist can securely handle the powerful equipment. With a do it yourself DIY, you are at the risk of injuring yourself. You must be skilled in picking up the machine, grinding down the stump, and doing the needful after the debris flies off all over. Professional arborists avert the possibility of damaging your property or any person or pet during or after the process.


We guarantee our service quality and customer satisfaction. All you would get is the best in class support and final outcome. No one visiting your property or staying in would ever come to know if there ever was a stump at the site. The process can be expensive and stressful – not with us, though. My Neighbor Services ensures professional, friendly, and reliable stump grinding services in the whole of North Texas. The entire crew working with us is experienced in operating the stump grinder with safety and efficiency while wearing safety gear at all times.


All this while, if you have been searching “qualified stump grinding service near me” over and over again on the internet, your search comes to an end. You are at the right place. An excellent tree stump grinding service is essential to partner with to maintain a healthy yard for the years to come. Our skilled professional will carefully remove your stump and make sure none of the greens or property elements around are damaged.

Our crew members are all trained and licensed, so you can be assured that your project is in capable hands. We will first evaluate the condition of the stump and the nearby areas. Accordingly, we would suggest you an estimate to get the stump removed. You would be surprised at how quick and affordable the service would be. It usually takes a few hours or, at max, a full day.

We possess the know-how to offer you services that are legitimate and accurate for your property. We are a local, family-owned business offering superior stump grinding services in North Texas. We are serving residential and commercial properties with their lawn and tree care needs in FairviewFriscoLucasMcKinneyMurphyPlanoSachse, and Wylie for the last ten years. Let us connect at 469-837-2871 today if you are looking for budget-friendly, dependable, and premium arborists to achieve an ideal landscape for your property.

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