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Emergency Tree Removal

If you notice a problem with a particular tree on your property, it may require you to hire an emergency tree removal service. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that it always poses a threat to your property or your loved ones.

There could be various reasons why you, as a homeowner in Allen, TX, may wish to get a tree removed immediately. The trees in your property may look sturdy, healthy, and prepared to fight against all types of weather conditions. However, if your tree starts to develop any structural problem or disease, it could be at risk of falling anytime soon.

If you live anywhere in the Collin County area, hiring an emergency tree service from My Neighbor Services can help you get rid of your tree without any hassle. By hiring a tree removal or tree cutting service at first sight of an issue, you can easily avoid a dangerous accident in your yard.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you may need an emergency tree removal service for your yard.

When should you hire an emergency tree service?

Deciding if you require an emergency tree service is not an easy task. It can get challenging to determine what kind of leaning is usual or notice a broken branch through the leaves. Given below are a few signs of damage that needs attention as soon as possible:

Abnormal leaning

As a homeowner, you must be familiar with the ideal growth pattern and the trees’ overall look in your property. If you see that your tree has started to lean in a particular direction, it may be an indication that you need to hire an emergency tree removal service.

If your tree has any new lean type – especially if it is over your driveway or any structure – it should be looked at by a specialist. The basic principles state that any tree that has a 15 degree lean from vertical needs emergency services.

Decaying root system

If you notice any root damage or decay, you need to get in touch with My Neighbor Services as soon as possible. The root of your tree is the structural support system. If there is any damage to the root system, even a strong wind could result in a catastrophic failure.


Mushrooms growing at the base of your tree could be a sign of internal rot or root disease. A professional tree expert should evaluate this because, as we discussed earlier, your tree’s root is a crucial support system.

Proximity to power lines

The space required between power lines and trees may be larger than you expected. During rainy seasons, electricity can easily arc as much as 10 feet to any wet tree foliage and ground out, resulting in a power failure or property damage. 

We request you not to attempt to prune or trim these trees by yourself! Our professionals have gone through proper training to ensure they do this task safely. 

Dead branches

There are two essential factors that you need to take into consideration when it comes to dead branches:

Huge dead branches need to be removed as soon as possible. A strong wind can send them crashing into your or other people’s property.

If your tree has many dead branches on one side, you have a major structural problem. If this is the case, then your tree’s balance is compromised, making it very dangerous and unpredictable. 

Hollow trunk

The outside of your tree can live a longer life than the inside of its trunk. A tree can survive with some amount of hollowing out, but the general rule of thumb says that if 1/3 of your tree is hollow, it should be watched closely or removed as soon as possible.

Cosmetic trunk damage

Cavities and cracks in your tree’s trunk or large pieces of bark missing are signs that your tree is no longer structurally sound. Our professional can help you determine if these signs are a severe threat to the tree.

Potential threat

If a particular branch on your tree looks like it is about to break off, or if the stump of your tree is lead in over, the chances are that your tree could fall and damage your car, home, or land. Even a little suspicion of damage should be more than enough reason for you to uproot the base, no matter how long you think it will take before falling.

Curb appeal

If your tree looks visibly dead, it won’t grow leaves in the summer or will not stay green during the winter if it is an Evergreen variety. This will affect your property’s curb appeal. Even a fallen branch could ruin your home’s overall look, and the longer it is left untreated, the worse it looks in the neighborhood.

Dead tree

Not only is a dead tree unattractive to look at, but it could also pose a significant risk to all the other plants in your yard. With time, plant disease can spread, damaging your grass and dirt. Hiring an emergency tree service can help ensure that the infection is contained and advise you on avoiding such issues in the future.

House for sale

The overall look of your property plays a vital role in selling your home, and a dead tree or one that looks like it is about to fall can lessen your property value drastically.

Not only does this give potential buyers a negative impression, but it can also demotivate a buyer who does not want to pay for an emergency tree removal service themselves.

Uprooting and removing such trees from your property will also help make your front or backyard look more significant, adding to your property’s value.

Signs of tree disease

Whenever you perform any landscaping services around your house, take time to check your trees for any signs of potential diseases. A diseased tree may have unusual growth patterns, spotted leaves, and other symptoms.

If you notice that one or multiple trees in your yard show signs of a disease, you should immediately get in touch with My Neighbor Services.

Overhanging branches

When a tree grows taller and taller, its branches tend to spread over the roofline of your home. During an extreme weather event such as a windstorm, these branches can collapse and cause significant damage to your roofing system.

If you notice any tree branches overhanging your roof, you should not wait to schedule an emergency tree removal service. Our tree trimming crew can cut away all dangerous branches, ensuring that your house is protected against falling tree branches and trunks during the next storm.

Hire a professional tree removing service today!

There are times when hiring an emergency tree service is required for the sake of safety and to get a better understanding of the health of your trees before deciding on getting them removed from your property.

A tree falling in your yard can be catastrophic for an untrained individual to deal with. Hiring a professional service can help you decrease such risks and save time by taking appropriate actions.

Homeowners often underestimate the challenges that are involved in removing a tree. Removing a particular branch is very different when compared to removing an entire tree. Taking down a tree entirely is a much riskier and complicated task.

Many homeowners try to cut down costs by not calling professional tree removal services near them to get a potentially dangerous tree removed from their property. Time is our most precious resource, and taking down an entire tree often takes longer than expected.

You can save yourself the effort and stress involved in planning the course of action to take, along with all the equipment needed to get a tree removed safely and efficiently, by hiring a professional from My Neighbor Services.

Most homeowners are also unaware that there are legal regulations associated with a tree removal project in many states across the country. This is because such projects have a substantial risk involved, especially when working around giant trees and in the presence of powerlines.

It would be perfect to hire a professional tree and lawn care service provider like My Neighbor Services to help you with tree pruning, tree cutting, as well as tree damage assessment whenever required.

In all states across the United States of America, we have strict rules and regulations for removing trees around any utility lines. It would be best if you stay alert when planting or cutting trees that are too close to power lines.

If you plan on planting a tree, it is worth knowing that if your tree is within 20 feet from a power line, the chances are that a utility company will trim down your tree or even eradicate it.

In some cases, tree climbing is also required for proper tree removal. It should be done only by a trained professional from a tree removal service near you since it poses extreme risks. Even tree pruning and trimming under certain circumstances can be problematic.

If your tree is touching the powerlines, it would be essential for you to reach out to My Neighbor Services as soon as possible. Our employees are trained professionals who have all the necessary safety certifications and experience required to get the job done. Even a minor mistake can result in a catastrophic accident.

You need to consider a few essential factors when determining the course of action around a dying tree.

How dead is your tree? Are there multiple branches, or is your tree hollow with almost no branches? Trees that have recently died and still have a few branches are much more likely to fall in a predictable direction when compared to old trees that have been losing their density over time.

There are certain risks in tying a rope to your tree and pulling it in a particular direction that it is expected to fall in since trees are often heavier than we anticipate them to be and can be too unpredictable when falling.

In the presence of wind or lightning damage, the appearance of your tree’s overall structure and strength can get hard to identify. Moreover, there is often decay within a tree’s trunk and its branches that can potentially cause some sections to fall quicker than expected – creating a potential health risk.

Homeowners sometimes underestimate the challenges involved when taking down a tree. You need to find specific tools that are required to get the job done correctly. Completing such projects require the use of a chainsaw, chippers, greens, and harnesses.

You have to be careful when attempting such tasks on your own, especially if you are not wearing helmets, protective glasses, face shields, and steel toe boots. In most circumstances, energy and time are usually wasted, along with potential risks when attempting to remove a tree all by yourself.

This is why it would be much easier for you to hire a professional who is qualified to do the job for you. When an experienced tree care professional from My Neighbor Services looks at your tree, the signs and information they notice would not be obvious to a layperson. These are often essential details that an untrained eye would not have seen otherwise.

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