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Winter Leaf Pick-up Services

Will your property benefit from getting a detailed winter clean up? Winter lawn care can help you get rid of leaves that build up on your lawn when the weather turns cold. It is vital for you, as a homeowner in Allen, Texas, to get all the leaves and debris off your lawn during winters.

When your leaves start to decay and mold, it’s not ideal for them to hang on to your lawn throughout the winter season covered in snow. This can result in killing your grass, especially in areas where leaves are piled up and don’t allow water or light to reach the lawn.

Why should you pay for a winter lawn care and clean-up service?

When your leaves begin to fall, winter care can help turn them into a chore, especially if you have a large yard. Raking leaves can be a time-consuming task and can leave you with a sore back or even blisters on your hands.

Hiring a professional winter lawn care service plays a vital role in preparing your lawn for a healthy and robust spring.

  • Decomposing, wet leaves can be a breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes
  • Not clearing your lawn from leaves can result in reseeding during spring
  • Plant diseases can cycle back into your garden or lawn as the leaves decompose
  • Damaged and dead grass means more spring clean-up and maintenance needs

But the most significant benefit of hiring a winter clean-up service is not having to go through the hustle by yourself. While getting your leaves removed professionally gives your property a polished look, it is essential to remember that you need to get it done to help your drainage system work properly as well.

More than removing leaves from your lawn and landscape beds, our team from My Neighbor Services will also make sure that your drains are free of any debris. All types of green waste like sticks, brush, and leaves get caught up in your drainage gates and outlet/inlet pipes. If not taken care of, the moisture and snowmelt in the winter season can cause your drains to block and result in flooding.

Leaves can be annoying to deal with. One day you have a lawn with beautiful trees with pretty leaves, and the next day they are on the ground and brown. You will find yourself walking through several inches of leaves to get the newspaper, get to your car, or just to take your dog out for a walk.

We have noticed that most homeowners don’t seem to understand the importance of getting their lawn cleaned. Our professionals from My Neighbor Services suggest you get your leaves removed one to three times before the snow hits your lawn again.

Leaf clean-up will keep your lawn healthy

A few leaves left on your lawn will certainly not harm your lawn in a major way but allowing leaves to accumulate around your yard and pile up can damage your grass. When your lawn gets covered in leaves, your grass will not receive adequate oxygen and sunlight required for ideal growth. 

Moreover, as they sit on your lawn’s surface and get wet, leaves can promote an ideal environment for fungus growth. Leaves can also provide the perfect hiding spots for rodents and snakes, which most homeowners want to avoid in their yard.

Why do leaves matter?

Even though leaves need to be removed from your lawn, they still have a lot of nutritional value. Leaves can get nutrients from rain and insects that touch them on the trees. These nutrients can be transferred to your lawn. With that said, too many leaves left on your lawn will suffocate your grass during the winter. 

There is a balance that you need to maintain between the two. Our team can help you achieve that balance with a professional winter leaf pick-up service. 

The leaf blower

Here at My Neighbor Services, our professional experts use a combination of rakes and leaf blowers to remove leaves from your property. We rake up all the light debris and leaves from your lawn and bed areas and then use the leaf blower to blow all your leaves into the curbside for municipal to collect when available.

What is the easiest way to get rid of the leaves?

You always have the traditional rake option, using a leaf blower, and mulching over the leaves. When you plan on removing leaves from your lawn, you should ideally use a leaf blower. Even though rakes are a great option and can prove extremely helpful to get all the leaves, they can still damage your grassroots if too much pressure is applied.

It would help if you used a rake only for left-over and difficult to reach leaves. Mulching your leaves means mowing over them and allowing them to release all their nutrients into the ground. This will only be useful if you already have raked up most of your leaves.

It would be best to hire a professional to get the job done for you since they will have all the right equipment, which is safe for your lawn.

Mulching your leaves is better than raking

Most homeowners prefer to mulch all their leaves rather than raking. This is because mulching your leaves can help add more nutrients to your lawn and its soil. The most effective way to mulch your leaves is by using a leaf mulcher. It will allow you to mulch all your leaves into small bits and scatter them around your lawn.

However, not all homeowners have a professional leaf mulcher on hand. Mowing your leaves instead of raking them is also a viable option, but this method will only prove to be beneficial if your leaves have not built up.

If you have some leaves on your lawn, you can mulch them using your mower to create a natural fertilizer for your property. Again, if you have too many leaves, we do not recommend trying this method since you will only make a mess of your yard and your mower.

What to do with your left-over leaves?

Leaves need to be vacuumed or packed for a municipal truck. If you don’t do this, your leaf removal project will prove no good. They will blow right back into your lawn if there is wind or will suffocate your grass if left in a pile. Specific leaf removal bags are a better alternative since they decompose faster than a usual plastic bag.

Many lawn care companies in the Collin County area will make sure to dispose of your leaves properly for you, even if you rake them yourself. By hiring a professional from My Neighbor Services to take away your leaf pile, you can skip the hassle of bagging while being environmentally friendly.

If you want the best for your lawn, then winter leaf removal is not an option. Some lawns may only require a leaf cleaning service once a season, but if your lawn has a lot of trees, you will probably need more than one. It would be best if you got all your leaves removed from your yard before the next snowfall.

The ice is enough to cause damage to your lawn; you do not require leaves to add to the process. Hiring a professional lawn care service in the Collin County area is the easiest and fastest way to make your lawn look its best.

How should you compost your leaves?

Leaves can act as a great addition to your compost pile. Composting can be extremely beneficial for your lawn. If you are blowing or raking your leaves, you should consider using them as a reusable compost. They can help you add a natural and organic layer to your compost mix, and can also include things like paper, food scraps, and more.

It would be best if you turned your compost piles every few weeks. If you want to take it a step further, you can also get a compost container that has an easy crank for rotation.

Why should you hire a professional winter leaf pick-up service from My Neighbor Services?

Given below are a few reasons why it’s good if you hire a professional leaf pick-up service:

With the seasons changing, you can notice that your leaves are starting to change colors. The joys of winter are many but raking and packing your leaves into trash bags is not one of them. In our busy lives, cleaning your yard full of leaves may not be a chore that is high on your priority list. Below you will find a few reasons why you, as a homeowner, should hire a professional lawn care service.

Great lawn care

By taking care of your fallen leaves, you will be practicing healthy lawn care methods. If leaves tend to form a massive clump on your lawn, they can smother the grass beneath. The longer you leave your leaves unattended, the more likely mold will spread throughout your lawn.

If your yard does not suffer a lot of leaf fall, they might not do any harm to your property. However, the more leaves you have on your lawn, the less sunlight and oxygen your grass will get.


While an average homeowner may do just fine with a rake, shovel, and a trash bag, hiring a professional from My Neighbor Services will get your job done efficiently and quickly since we have all the tools and human resources required. 

With multiple hands at work, your home’s yard will get cleaned in far less time.


One of the main reasons homeowners choose to hire a professional leaf removal service is that they don’t have to do it themselves. A professional service can help you avoid all the blisters, calluses, and the back pain caused by raking for hours.

Even cleaning a small lawn can take a toll on you. If you lead a busy life, which you likely do, hiring a team of skilled individuals to do the job for you can take a massive burden off your shoulders.

It is always nice when you find someone else who can take care of something for you. Besides, this is why My Neighbor Services is here for. We provide several lawn care services that come at an affordable price.

Our professionals suggest that you should not ignore fallen leaves on your lawn during the winter months unless you want to reseed your lawn in the spring season and do all the hassle yourself.

Since your tree shade is gone as the leaves drop, keeping your lawn litter at a minimum, your grass will receive all the sunlight it needs to thicken and grow in preparation for the coming year.

If you live anywhere in the Collin County area and require a professional winter leaf pick-up service, then get in touch with My Neighbor Services today!

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