Mulch  Services in Allen, TX


A fresh and new layer of color can just be what a home or office space needs to enhance its cosmetic beauty. This freshness and pop of color can be achieved by adding a landscape mulch. Applying mulch is one of the best things you can do for your garden in Allen, TX.

Mulch is basically a sheet of organic or inorganic materials or a loose mix spread out over your existing soil base to protect it against erosion while conserving its moisture. Both the types have their own benefits; however, organic mulch is just more earth-friendly as it enriches the soil.

Mulch benefits the look of the property, protects the plant life, and adds that much-needed spark overall. So, if you live anywhere in the Collin County area, save the backache and let My Neighbor Services help you install your mulch with our state of the art residential and commercial mulch services.


Mulch can be made out of rocks, recycled rubber, straw, glass, and wood chips, covering various human-made to recycled materials. It also comes in treated and untreated forms. Experts often choose to install treated mulch to be on the safer side.Installing the treated variety means it has gone through a heated process to kill any weeds, diseases, insects living on the mulched limbs. The free ones offered by the municipalities are often untreated and tend to bring unwanted diseases or weeds into your flower beds. So, it does not get you any good to default to a product that brings in the same issues that it is supposed to counter.

Mulch can be installed at any time of the year. However, most people prefer applying it during spring or summer as it is a new year and a new beginning for so many of us. Mulch may be an extensive DIY, but it is easy to fit for professionals and typically needs to be redone every few years only. The most visible signs telling you to consider reinstallation are the fading color of mulch, and the existing one no longer has the correct depth (which is usually 3-4 inches below). Hiring professionals at My Neighbor Services would be an excellent idea to understand your options.

Depending on the type of product you choose, it may be able to wash away over time. However, one must simply avoid doing too much, or the plants may suffocate for the needed valuable nutrients. Our lawn care pros can help make a practical mulch choice and also guide you better on its installation.

Ant nest on the ground with grass


It is natural to expect a lawn with trees and plants all green and growing. Greens create beautiful surroundings, provide comfortable shade, and give you fresh air as well. But to sustain the health of your yard, you need to perform timely maintenance. One way to take care of the lawn and add more sustaining beauty to it is through mulching.

Experts at My Neighbor Services offer complete professional assistance on mulching services in all the major areas of North Texas. We believe that lawn mulching service is essential in maintaining a beautiful yard. Not only does the process extend the garden’s lifespan, but also positively impact its aesthetics, offering a polished look that blends absolutely gorgeously.


You are likely to end up on this page while searching for things like mulch service near me or mulch near me. You might be looking to know more about the service or want to partner with a certified contractor. If that is so, you can right away give us a call, and we will be happy to discuss the different options available for you.

Mulching is one of the fastest and economical ways to enhance landscaping drastically. The weeds are pulled manually or mechanically, depending on the amount the yard may have. We also apply a weed killer alongside a pre-emergent product to make the process more dependable. This prevents future weed growth and also saves your mulch from destroying.

Flower bed edging services can also be utilized to give the bed a defined look. This will ensure the grass is kept out while the mulch stays very much firm and in. Once the bedding is prepped for use, we apply the mulch of your choice right after. On average, 2 to 4 inches in depth is applied throughout the beds. Contact us to discuss further details on mulch installation or to request a free estimate for your unique needs.


There are numerous types of mulch available in the market today. You can choose from various colors, organic/ inorganic materials, textures, or request a customized product. With so many alternatives, landscape mulch can quickly meet any commercial or residential property owner’s needs. Besides, here are the potential benefits of lawn mulching you would achieve with our mulch services:

Adds To The Property’s Beauty

Mulch helps enhance the cosmetic beauty of your residential and commercial yard. A little bit of pop makes your property the talk of the neighborhood. It adds a decorative touch to the curb appeal while saving the yard from machine damage that may be caused by land mowers or weed eaters.

Controls Weed Growth

An adequate and professional installation allows the mulch to act as a barrier that reduces the number of weeds within the landscape bed and also resists insects, moles, and other creatures. This gives the garden a neat and well maintained appearance.

Moisture Retention

It acts as insulation for the greens while also conserving water keeping the soil moist and cooler in the summertime. Mulch blocks the light from entering the ground, which helps retain more moisture, so you have to water the soil less.


Old mulch, over time, breaks down into the soil and eventually turns into organic matter. As the mulch breaks down, it makes for the necessary nutrients for your soil. Thus mulch is said to be an eco-friendly option for your garden. It helps the plants maintain an even soil temperature to reduce garden maintenance overall.


Mulching can get expensive and labor-intensive if you do not contract with a qualified contractor or someone who understands their job well. At My Neighbor Services, we make the process absolutely hassle-free, economical, and efficient for you. You can choose solutions at just any budget to suit your landscaping needs.

Although mulching has numerous benefits, you must rely on professional installation to enjoy those. An expert hand can handle the mulching job with their know-how, practice, and equipment. Contact our experienced staff to reap the benefits without encountering any unwanted side effects and make the process trouble-free.


There are tons of reasons why it is always better to hire professionals for a lawn mulching service. Here, we list just a few reasons how you can benefit by contracting with trained and certified experts:

Quality and Affordable Services

We believe in a quality-first approach with all our services. Besides, we make sure that our mulching solutions fit everyone’s budget. Our services are quite affordable than you would find anywhere around. When you hire professionals at My Neighbor Services, we make sure that what you receive is value for your money. We are an experienced company who understands how to offer you quality at economical rates without compromising on the reliability of the end result.

Our services include:

Years of Experience

The process of mulching services demands a professorial touch to offer you a result that is reliable, and that lasts. For this, our knowledgeable staff in North Texas is competent and ready to handle your requirements and address different situations precisely. Our years of experience exhibit in our craftsmanship, making My Neighbor Services the choicest service provider amongst residential and commercial clients. 

Honesty, Integrity, and Quality

The three must kind of go hand in hand, shouldn’t they? Honesty, integrity, and quality make part of our business ethics. These are extremely important for the life of our organization and allows us to cater to our client needs better. If we are honest with our clients, things go well. Integrity and loyalty are the other two critical aspects of good business ethics, which allow us to achieve future successes while maintaining the quality we offer.  

State Of The Art Equipment

Mulching is not a DIY project. It requires a detailed eye and specialized tools or equipment to get things right in the first go. You need a whole lot of stuff to successfully go about the process from start to end. Our team reaches on the site with their best in class equipment to perform the mulching job for your particular needs in no time and at competitive prices.

Free Estimates

The cost to install mulch can vary from client to client as the needs differ significantly. You can quickly request a free, no-obligation quote delivered right to you in no time. You can give us a call, and our friendly staff would take the time to understand your needs and offer you an estimate according to your requirements. The team strives to provide you competitive pricing while sustaining superior quality.

Emergency Appointments Available

Apart from free estimates, the My Neighbor Services team also extends assistance in case of emergencies. From lawn care to mulching services and more – we have got you all covered. We stand by our work and aim to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our expertise, sincerity, attention to detail, as well as 24-hour emergency services.

Residential and Commercial

We are an industry leader who possesses the experience to cater to residential as well as commercial mulching needs. We swiftly and expertly install mulch without wrecking or in any way impacting the existing landscape or ground. All the practices are carefully inspected and offered to ensure there is no infestation, diseases, or contamination with the installation. We go above and beyond to meet your mulching needs and excel your expectations.

My Neighbor Services acts promptly, reliably, and you would undoubtedly benefit from our services. We are a family-owned local business and have made ourselves a reputation that makes us the best amongst Texans. Choosing a local contractor makes sure they will not fly by night and understand local codes and requirements to offer you a tailored experience. So do not keep waiting on your landscaping needs – hire our services to help you make a difference to your yard.


Whether you wish to protect your property, its plant life, or beautify the curb appeal, landscape mulch is a simple and effective solution. If you are unsure of how to handle the job, what to do, or just too short on time, we can assist you with our professional and reliable mulch services in Texas. Our specialists make sure the job is done correctly and results last for years to come. It is always a good idea to consult with lawn care experts and ask any questions you may have.

My Neighbor Services caters to several different areas in Texas, including Wylie, Fairview, Murphy, Sachse, Frisco, Lucas, McKinney, and Plano. We have the expertise and excellence you can count on. Besides lawn and tree services, we also offer other assistance concerning your roofing, AC repair, and remodeling needs.

Call us at 469-837-2871 and speak to our qualified lawn professionals who have been rendering high-quality home and commercial lawns and gardens since 2005. You can also visit us at 115 Richardson Ct, Suite MNS, Allen, TX 75002. We would be happy to help you in discussing the new and unique possibilities for your particular yards.