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Trees surrounding your property provide you a relaxing view, comfortable shade, and fresh air. Thus, their ongoing maintenance is a vital facet of keeping the most valuable asset, your commercial or residential property, in tip-top condition. Routine jobs like tree cutting, tree trimming, tree pruning, and other usual tree services again add to the regular upkeep efforts. Besides, we understand that, for the most part, living in Texas is about experiencing fierce winds or storms that can blow through to cause serious damage around your property. This necessitates emergency tree removal as well.

When your trees start to look unfit, unhealthy, or maybe it is time for seasonal care, professionals can help you best.

Before you take it to the internet to search the “best tree services near me” and get puzzled with the options you get, consider contacting us. My Neighbor Services is a locally and family-owned and operated tree service company helping Texans for over a decade with our expertise and best in class customer support.

Our goal is to provide world-class tree services throughout North Texas. We take pride in the on-time completion of all our projects without compromising on the quality standards.

So keep your greens healthy and growing all through the year. Schedule an appointment with My Neighbor Services today to know how.


Most property owners assume that tree services may not be for them, especially homeowners. You think the trees look fine and can go for years without any maintenance. Leaving the trees as they are is, of course, the most convenient option. However, it is quite the opposite. Hiring tree service professionals is always a better idea to take care of your trees and not allow them to hang around covered in debris, overgrown, attacked by insects, and with diseases.

Your trees must not be an eyesore in the yard or neighborhood. It negatively affects your property’s value. Besides, unkempt trees fill the pool with dead or fallen leaves, lead to tricky and unidentifiable hazards, obscure the vision of your driveways, lead to self-inflicting injuries, damage the property, grow dangerous branches, or simply not get the results you may have anticipated.

So sit back, hire a professional, and watch them take care of your trees. If you were to attempt a tree service by yourself, you would be stressed trying to figure out the best way to tackle different aspects. You would then need to purchase or rent other products and equipment from home improvement stores. Another factor to consider is your lack of experience if you have never performed any tree jobs previously, as you may end up doing something incorrectly. Not to mention the emotional turmoil that you would be put in as well as the strenuous cleanup process.

This is why we always suggest property owners hire licensed service providers, so you feel comfortable that an expert will be taking care of your trees and the services will be done correctly. Lawn care firms have proper equipment, qualified crew, and they know how to get the job done right in the first go. This will not allow the trees to weaken, go into stress mode, or be susceptible to insect infestation or diseases. It will protect your trees in summer drought as well as increase the value and curb appeal of your dwelling.

All in all, servicing the trees in your yard helps them from becoming problematic in the future. Specialists can quickly identify and address the problem areas and prevent future costly upkeeps. This will add a unique touch to your yard and beautify the landscape. Your trees will certainly thank you, especially when they need to survive during the winter chills, as experts will fertilize them after they freeze and remove dead and diseased vegetation.


Our arborists are on top of their game. They are certified professionals skilled in diagnosing and treating tree problems to protect your commercial or residential landscape. Do not just settle for the talks of any salesperson – trust the competent personnel of My Neighbor Services.

From the initial consultation to the service’s final execution and everything in between, our practiced arborists go above and beyond on every site to get the work done professionally and with confidence. Our arborists also remain up to date with industry and service standards and practices – this helps us stay on top of our craft.


Tree care is a critical job as it requires dealing with a massive and heavy structure (the tree) alongside climbing at heights and managing professional-grade heavy-duty equipment. It is best to have an experienced professional on the job and prevent you from injuring yourself while having the best results.


Caring for and grooming your trees is quite an effort and needs time. But if you think you would save money and conveniently go for DIY, think twice. My Neighbor Services provides services at affordable prices, and we are well equipped to take on such dangerous jobs. Besides, our team will take care of your trees in no time at all and under a reasonable budget.


If you have more than a single tree around your property, it can be overwhelming to take care of these on your own. It is a big job and demands a lot of time, patience, as well as physical labor. If there is an emergency, you would be left in a precarious situation needing immediate attention. My Neighbor Services offers routine and emergency tree services for your convenience, so you do not get stuck with any of these and do the opposite in hopes of doing good.


Besides honesty and integrity, our motto also includes offering quality, without which a business would not be able to thrive in a competitive market. At My Neighbor Services, you always speak to a qualified arborist and get nothing but the best and what you have been guaranteed. If your trees matter to you, put your landscaping needs in the hands of trusted and reputed professionals.


One of the biggest reasons why My Neighbor Services customers save more than they might have imagined is no overhead costs to pay for (as with other businesses). We manage our processes with lower overhead, which helps you save more while ensuring the trees are cared for by experts and someone who has made your yard’s health their priority. No gimmicks, no surprises on the quotes, straight customer satisfaction guarantee.


The team at My Neighbor Services avoids selling you any tree services that you may not demand. In hopes of paying for their overheads, some companies offer recurring services you may not like or need, such as unnecessary pruning, aeration, or excessive fertilization. We schedule one on one appointments only after discussing your requirements and budget. This allows us to provide honest solutions and something that would benefit you in the long run.


Any of your trees that are obnoxious and overgrowing need trimming. They can be dangerous and provide comfortable spaces for uninvited intruders to hide behind. Tree trimming will allow the greens to breathe free, grow better, and avoid hazardous situations. Besides, the service does much more than just beautifying the property – it delivers structural integrity, preserves the trees’ strength, improves seasonal appearance, and removes any risks.


When weak or dead trees lose their strength, it is necessary to call in tree removal experts. The extra weight, storm pressure, or the tree’s age makes it vulnerable to quick damage. Besides, snow, winds, and heat can break the branches or, even worse, bring down the tree suddenly. Tree removal can be a hard to make decision, but you ought to do the needful when the circumstances demand. Thus we do everything in our power to provide practical options so you can embrace the challenges and make an informed judgment.


One of the most common maintenance efforts for your trees is pruning. It ensures the surroundings are safe, the tree health and structure is improved, and the landscape looks aesthetically pleasing. Rely on professional tree pruning services to give your trees more control and a clean environment to grow in. Rather than losing life, pruning will ensure the trees preserve their life and powerfully overcome external threats.


This is usually a service called for in the final phases of tree removal jobs. Some property owners allow the stump to be left as it is, while others immediately call professionals to get it ground. An unattended stump can be unsightly while acting as a hazard for the occupants, visitors, and animals. We suggest you talk to our experts and discuss what is best for you.


If your tree(s) have collapsed, or the branches are falling off, call My Neighbor Services ASAP. Please do not allow the problem to persist, as it can be bothering everyone around. When you have an emergency – we are only a call away to offer a prompt and effective response. Our seasoned arborists can tackle the job, no matter how small or large it may be, with absolute ease and leave you stress-free.


We believe that maintaining healthy communication and 100% transparency is essential for our services and clients. Being honest with our processes assures the clients the needed peace of mind while forming clear expectations. We center our efforts on making clients feel content with the final job. The team treats every customer with integrity and care. If you choose to hire us for your tree problems, My Neighbor Services will be your best bet. We arrive at your space with our top of the line equipment and cater to the job with absolute competence and swiftly. We discuss your budget and requirements beforehand to meet the needs precisely. We also make sure to carefully walk you through our processes and answer all your queries.


Tree services are both art and science. To offer you efficient tree services, we need to understand what the trees demand. Unkempt trees are a physical threat to the property owners or tenants. Where most service providers try and squeeze in unnecessary and excessive services to procure more money, we focus only on what matters the most. You can count on our personalized client experience and a range of featured services, including:


Tree care services are better left to the professionals like us at My Neighbor Services. So do not get on that unstable ladder or stand alone atop the roof – you would risk damaging your property and injuring yourself. Allow My Neighbor Services professionals to take care of your trees with perfection so they can stay and look healthy and thriving.

My Neighbor Services is staffed with industry experts and well equipped with state of the art tools to handle just any lawn care job. We protect the surroundings, employ experts, show up on time, rapidly complete the project, and leave the yard as clean as possible upon completion. Whether it is spring, summertime, fall, or winter, we can assist you with your tree care needs.

If you live anywhere in North Texas, including FairviewFriscoLucasMcKinneyMurphyPlanoSachse, and Wylie, chances are we can service your property. We can handle any tree or lawn care job – big or small – give us a call today at 469-837-2871 and request a free, no-obligation quote. We will closely assess your trees and take care of them like no other in the area.

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