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The consistency of your soil and its nutrient levels may vary depending on your region. Recognizing if your soil is healthy enough to cultivate and provide your lawn with an optimal atmosphere to grow appropriately is crucial.

Fertilizers can help you ensure that your garden and lawn have all the necessary nutrients required for your grass healthy growth and added greenery.

Even though choosing the perfect fertilizer and understanding how to execute the process can be a difficult task, professionals from My Neighbor Services are always here to assist all homeowners in Allen, TX.

Applying fertilizer into your soil is the first step towards achieving the garden and lawn of your dreams. But before we tell you what’s best for you, you need to understand how it works.

What is fertilizer?

Plants and soil require additional components to improve their health and ensure that all the necessary nutrients and elements are provided.

Fertilizers are inorganic or organic materials applied to the plant or the soil to assist in cultivating a healthy lawn or garden.

Carbon dioxide in the air and water provide your plants with hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, which are key elements required for healthy growth.

However, added nutrients like macronutrients and micronutrients are also required for the optimal growth of your plants. These nutrients can be found in the soil and are absorbed from the roots of your plants.

You need to select the perfect fertilizer for your garden and lawn if you want the best possible results. Our professionals at My Neighbor Services suggest you go for a natural fertilizer for your garden and lawn.

Some people believe that as long as the job gets done, any type of fertilizer will do. Some people even say, “the quicker it works, the better it is.”

However, there is one huge problem with that thought process: chemical fertilizers can be dangerous for children and pets.

Improper handling and application of these types of fertilizers can cause various skin irritation levels, while accidental ingestion can result in stomach pain, fainting, seizure, and other major symptoms.

Some types of chemical fertilizers can even be explosive. This is why it’s not out of normal for home gardeners to always be on the lookout for safer plant food alternatives.

If you are one of these homeowners, here is what you need to know about all-natural fertilizers, along with a few of their benefits.

Natural fertilizers work slowly but surely

Natural or organic fertilizers require time to work since they generally deliver nutrients actively at a slow rate. For some people, this may seem like a disadvantage. After all, who would not like to see instant results of their gardening efforts?

But getting impatient and going for chemical fertilizers can take a toll on your lawn’s soil and plants. Remember that even though synthetic fertilizers may work fast, they also have a tendency to overfeed your plants. 

Doing this can result in your plants being burnt or damaged. Moreover, plants can absorb a limited amount of nutrients within a given period of time.

This means that all your excess fertilizer is going to get washed away into the groundwater, causing pollution. 

Another disadvantage of using chemical fertilizers on your lawn or garden has to do with your soil structure. You need to understand that chemicals can be rough on the organisms that keep your soil healthy. 

The absence of such useful organisms may result in your soil becoming more compact, leading to your plants facing difficulties accessing all the required nutrients they need from your ground.

Using organic fertilizers can help improve your soil structure

One of the most crucial benefits of using a natural fertilizer on your soil is to boost your soil’s health. Natural soil conditioners can help you do this by making your soil texture better, which allows it to hold water for extended periods and encourages fungal and bacterial activity by providing microbes with food.

If you do not know whether your soil is healthy enough to grow plants and flowers, you can always consider getting a soil test.

This will help you get a detailed report of all the nutrients available in your soil, along with all the deficiencies that you need to address.

A soil test may also give you further detail, which could be beneficial when deciding on your fertilizer.


Summers can be a difficult season for your grass since the temperature tends to fluctuate. A few types of grass stop growing as the hot temperature is too much for them to handle.

Getting your lawn and garden fertilized during summers can help your grass to continue growing despite the temperature variation.

Many insects also emerge during the summer month that can damage your lawn’s surface. If you choose to get your lawn fertilized in the summer, we suggest you go for a fertilizer that will give your grass the boost it needs when it comes out of dormancy and helps against insects from taking over.

Natural fertilizers are a safer alternative

Here at My Neighbor Services, we have noticed that most homeowners are confused about what “organic” or “natural” means when talking about fertilizers. 

If you are not sure what it means, the most straightforward answer is that organic fertilizers do not have anything to do with processing any food items. 

Simply put, it means choosing plant food that is derived straight from animals, naturally occurring rocks/minerals, or plants. 

Natural or organic fertilizers do not go through any extra steps of refinement and extraction. This means that minimal processing is involved in making a natural fertilizer when compared against their chemical counterparts.

This makes natural fertilizers a better and safer choice for animals, people, and the environment. Since they are made from plants, powdered minerals, and animal waste, some manufacturers don’t market them as fertilizers. Instead, they call them soil conditioners. 

But no matter what their name is, if you are on the lookout for a fertilizer that is safe around your children and pets, you can ask our professionals from My Neighbor Services for their top recommendations. 

We will suggest to you what fertilizer fits best for your needs and make sure that it is applied correctly across your entire yard and garden. 

Natural fertilizers are better for the environment

The importance of using natural fertilizers becomes even more apparent when you look at their various environmental impacts.

If organic fertilizers are minimally processed, then it’s clear that synthetic fertilizers are their exact opposite since their production involves fossil fuels and oil.

Even though this should be bad enough for us not to use them, if you consider how these chemical fertilizers later drain into our waterways, it’s difficult not to think twice before using them.

When chemical fertilizers runoff into lakes, streams, and other water bodies, they encourage algae growth, which robs fish and all other organisms of oxygen, upsetting the balance of underwater ecosystems.

You should also not forget that these chemical fertilizers could very well end up on your water table, becoming a risk to human health. Over application of chemical fertilizers have also made groundwater unusable in some regions.

In contrast, organic fertilizers don’t usually runoff in water since they are generally not as soluble. Moreover, they help in increasing the biodiversity of your soil rather than decreasing or harming it.

Given all the advantages you get from using natural fertilizers, you may be thinking that they are the ultimate solution for all your gardening problems.

But not so fast; before you decide on switching to organic fertilizer, there are a few things you need to keep in check.

First, when you decide on buying natural fertilizers, it’s crucial for you to do your research. Not all commercially sold natural fertilizers are made the same way.

You need to consult My Neighbor Services before selecting your organic fertilizer since we can help you better understand which one would be best for your plants.

Second, you should understand how temperature can play a crucial role in your natural fertilizers. In cooler climatic conditions, some natural fertilizers may find it difficult to supply all the nutrients.

Our professionals can help you decide what fits best for your needs. Also, know that natural fertilizers do not give you fast results, so don’t get discouraged if it takes time.

Ultimately, they are, in fact, the best option for your soil and plants. Your lawn, garden, and mother nature will thank you in the long haul.

DIY versus professional application

Most property owners believe that fertilizing their lawn all by themselves is a good idea. These people believe that watching “how-to” videos online and going through trial and error is a good way to identify which type of natural fertilizer is best for their needs.

Though some may have success, hiring a professional from My Neighbor Services in the Collin County area can help take the stress off your shoulders and help your lawn reach its optimal potential in no time.

Professional lawn care companies like ours are familiar with various organic fertilizers and understand the climate since we are a local lawn fertilizer provider.

Our experts are trained to give you the best in class service and advice relevant to your location.

You could expect the following if you choose to give us a call for your lawn and garden fertilization:

  • Healthier lawn
  • Consistency
  • Professional knowledge and application
  • Weed control
  • Increased curb appeal

Early and late spring

With the snow melting after winters, North Texas temperatures start to rise in the spring, which means that your grass will begin to rebuild its routing system and top growth. This happens as a result of constant dormancy throughout the cold months.

Your new grass shoots, also known as “tillers,” begin to emerge from the ground, which is what gives your grass it’s vibrant green appearance. Carefully monitoring the progression of your top growth is crucial for a successful result.

If you notice that your lawn has too much top growth, your root system will lack, and if your top growth is lesser than usual, then your plants won’t be able to store enough sugars to feed on in between feedings.

Your grass either goes dormant or comes to a complete halt during the winter months. This is why we encourage you to go for an organic fertilizer that can help your lawn re-establish its top growth and roots while preventing weeds’ growth.

It’s best if you add these fertilizers in the early spring. The grass grows quickly in late spring since the temperature is perfect for strong roots and top growth.

If you get your lawn fertilized in the late spring, the chances are that your lawn will receive more than the required nutrients to maintain steady growth throughout the warmer months while preventing weeds from sprouting.

How to apply lawn fertilizer?

Before we get into the process of fertilizing your lawn and garden, you need to understand how your plants react to different types of seasons and weather conditions.

This will give you a better idea of what’s best for you.


Grass tends to grow fast during the fall season. The temperature causes grass blades that may have gone dormant in the summer season to green up as their roots get encouraged to grow deeper.

Your lawn works overtime in the fall season to store all the required sugars before the winter starts.

Suppose you plan on fertilizing your lawn during the fall. In that case, we suggest you go for a fertilizer that delivers all the required nutrients to your grass that help in repairing any damage from drought, sun’s heat, and increased summer activity. 

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