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When was the last time you paid attention to your backyard trees? Do your trees cause you discomfort by creating a mess on your lawn daily? Well, the best and most effective way to solve this problem is by getting your tree trimmed.

Even though tree trimming may seem like something that you can skip, it is more important than you think! It’s normal for you not to know how crucial it is to get your trees trimmed regularly. This is why our team from My Neighbor Services is here to help.

We will explain to you how trimming your trees can affect yours and your tree’s life. Getting your trees trimmed is not just to get the aesthetic appeal you’ve always wanted; it also helps your tree stay healthy.

Whether you have trees in your backyard purely for decoration purposes or commercial purposes, it’s crucial for you to get them properly trimmed. Given below are the reasons why you must trim your trees regularly:

  • It prevents decay
  • It helps young trees to grow properly
  • It will help you give your tree a good-looking structure


Generally, your tree has a better chance of withstanding all the injuries sustained from trimming during the late winter season.

During this period, the winter keeps your trees dormant. Once the season ends, your tree will have enough energy reserves to heal faster from the cuts.

It will be a terrible idea to get your trees trimmed in the fall season. During the fall, they won’t be capable enough to recover from the cuts. Moreover, the chances are that these open wounds will get attacked by insects and other pests.

If you are trimming a fruit tree, summers are not the best time to get it done unless you plan to reduce your tree’s overall fruit production.

For spring-blooming trees, you can get them trimmed as soon as they bloom. The type of tree you are getting trimmed and the extent to which you want to trim them is a crucial factor that is directly connected to the time of the year.

Dead branches, however, can be trimmed any time of the year. Even some minor trimming and cutting off tiny branches can be done whenever you seem fit, regardless of the season.


We understand that the advantages listed above may not seem important enough for you to get your trees trimmed, so we will further discuss some more benefits that come along with a tree trimming project.

Trimming improves your tree’s overall health

If you did not know, trimming involves cutting any decayed, dead, or infested branches that you may have on your tree.

If it is not done regularly or when required, the chances are that the rest of your tree will also get infected, which could ultimately result in a dead tree.

You need to get your trees trimmed regularly because they need an adequate amount of air and sunlight. 

Trimming your trees can help create space for sunlight and air to penetrate to your tree’s center, which is crucial for its health. Remember, sunlight is vital for photosynthesis!

Tree trimming promotes fruit production

When you get your trees trimmed in the winter season (this is when they are dormant to reserve their energy), fruit production will be enhanced during the summer and spring seasons. 

This should be a no-brainer. When your tree has less volume to take care of (excess leaves and branches), it can channel all its saved energy into fruit-bearing. 


Just like we mentioned earlier, trimming your trees includes removing any dead or decayed branches. It is crucial to get rid of these branches since they can be easily blown off by rain or wind.

This can be risky for you and everyone around you. Broken off tree branches can also end up causing damage to your property, your vehicles, or even your home.

But this is not it; unpruned branches can also grow into nearby electric cables, which can be extremely dangerous.

Pruning your trees means getting rid of such hazardous branches, which will help you reduce the chances of such terrible occurrences from happening.

Access to more sunlight 

Just like all other living things, humans also need sunlight. Untrimmed trees can prevent sunlight from getting inside your home through your windows.

Natural sunlight is the best way to get Vitamin D, and nobody wants to be deprived of that. Moreover, if sunlight is blocked from getting into your home, it may result in you having to spend more money on your electricity bills.

Trimming out all branches of your tree that prevents sunlight from coming inside your house is crucial. 

Professionally trimmed trees can help increase the value of your property

If you plan on selling or renting out your property in the near future, think about how your potential buyers will react when they find out that your home’s yard looks like a scene from a horror flick!

Decayed, unkempt, loose, and hanging branches are an unpleasant sight for anyone willing to invest in your property. Even if your buyers proceed to name a price, they will not be willing to pay you your property’s worth.

On the other hand, a yard with properly trimmed trees will most certainly help you attract more potential buyers with their beauty and help increase your property’s overall market value.

It’s basic; the more beautiful and well-kept an item looks, the more people will be interested in buying it.

Controlling the growth of your tree

Just like every other living thing, trees also tend to grow. If you leave your nails uncut, it will keep growing out, right? The same goes for your trees.

But one big difference is that having long nails is not dangerous, but if your tree overgrows its branches, they may crack your windows or even your home’s roof. 

The best and most effective way to control your tree’s growth is by trimming them whenever necessary.

No homeowner wants their trees to grow into their neighbors’ yard since it can cause problems for you, especially if your tree ends up damaging their property. It would be best if you trimmed your trees to fit into your landscaping limits.

You may have a better view with trimmed trees

Overgrown trees may be responsible for you not having a good view from your bedroom window. Imagine having trees that block out your view to the point where you cannot see your fences or your gate! 

How often do you need to get your trees trimmed?

This usually depends on the health status, the size, and the species of your tree. Knowing this will enable you to find out how often you need to get your tree trimmed. For trees that develop fruits, trimming them once a year is ideal, helping them maximize their overall fruit production.

For Evergreen trees, they do not require to be trimmed much often. Evergreen trees can easily thrive for six to seven years without being trimmed.

  • Younger trees need to be trimmed at least once in three years
  • Adult and mature trees need to be trimmed at least once every five years


When it comes to trimming trees, you are not supposed to cut random pieces of your tree. That will be a huge mistake. There are some parts of a tree that should stay and other parts that need to go.

So, what parts of your tree should you get trimmed?

Decayed, dead, and infested wood

Any limbs or branches of your tree that are dead or decayed need to be cut off when trimming. Since they do not have any more value or purpose, it’s pointless keeping them.

Moreover, decayed and dead branches are not good for your tree’s overall health and well-being because the decay can easily spread to other parts of your tree, eventually killing it.

Any crossing branches

If you notice any branches growing into the canopy rather than growing outward, you need to get them cut while trimming.

This is done because when the wind blows, these branches rub against one another, peeling off their barks in the process. This not only makes your yard dirty but also exposes your trees to fungal and pest attacks.

Lower branches

This area of your tree is known as the “canopy lift.”

If you want to create even more passage for air and sunlight to reach the middle of your tree, then you can choose to get this area trimmed as well.


Trees are usually trimmed for various reasons; therefore, trimming has been broken down into different subcategories. Given below are a few types of trimming:


Thinning is a trimming which is crucial to the tree. It includes cutting off any extra branches so that sunlight and air can reach the center of your tree without much effort.

This trimming type is necessary because it can help reduce the risk of your tree falling during a storm. It can also reduce the risk of branches falling off during a storm as well.

Thinning can help you create space around your trees, so when there is heavy wind, the air can easily pass through your tree instead of pushing it.


Dead-wooding is the process of cutting off all dead and decayed branches from a tree. This is one of the most common trimming types and can help the tree maintain good health.

Canopy cleaning

Canopy cleaning is considered to be the most specific type of trimming. It ideally involves removing all dead branches, sprout growth, decaying wood, and suckers.


Most homeowners plant trees in their backyard or yard to have a cool and refreshing environment around their property. There is no doubt that trees can play a crucial role in your property, but you also need to understand that they can be dangerous, especially if not maintained properly.

Just like we have discussed earlier, trimming your tree is one of the most efficient ways you can take care of its health. But this procedure is not as simple as you think it might be. So, it is always safer to interest your tree trimming service to someone who has the proper experience, tools, and qualifications to get the job done correctly.

If you live in the Collin County area and are looking to get your trees trimmed anytime soon, get in touch with My Neighbor Services immediately.

Not only will it help you increase your property’s aesthetic and curb appeal, but a tree trimming project will also prevent any disease on your tree from spreading and infecting other plants on your lawn.

Low hanging and overgrowing branches can cause a lot of inconvenience in your day-to-day life. They don’t just make your trees look messy but can also reach power lines, which can be dangerous. You must keep your trees in shape by monitoring their structure and size.

When it comes to your tree trimming services in the Collin County area, never forget to count on a reliable contractor like My Neighbor Services.

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