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Bush trimming is an integral part of every property’s landscaping program. Without adequate trimming or pruning, your lawn would not enjoy its premium health. Get in touch with our trimming experts at My Neighbor Services concerning your landscaping and lawn care requirements and learn more about the solutions that can help your yard stay in pristine conditions.

Do not get lazy about the lawn maintenance only to realize it is too busy out there. That way, the bushes can obstruct the views and become a bit uncomfortable for the occupants.

Gorgeous and hassle-free landscaping, including bush trimming, is what we do best. You can rely on our crew for optimum treatment. We help property owners in keeping their yard looking and feeling its best throughout the year.


Your lawn’s shrubbery is most valuable when regarding the property’s overall appeal. Besides the timeless appeal they add and the shade they provide, shrubs take a lot of time to grow to serve their purpose. Thus, proper care and regular maintenance is a must. Our team of trimming professionals can help you ensure your bushes stay healthy and strong.

Moreover, our certified trimming techniques make sure the landscape is brightened and in good physical shape. Trimming encourages new growth, allows more air and light to reach the greens’ essential parts, and removes damaged or dead nuisances keeping the property’s chances of being damaged in a storm pretty low.

The best time for pruning depends on the kind of vegetation you may have. Light trimming can, however, be done at any time of the year. Between late fall and early spring is usually considered most desirable for pruning or trimming. Knowing when to trim helps you with disease management and sets the vegetation for robust structural growth. This also helps maintain the aesthetical as well as symmetrical integrity. 

Our customers rely on us for keeping their yards green throughout the year. Some greens need regular trimming, while the others may demand only occasional cuts. So you can count on the My Neighbor Services team to extend the care your lawn necessitates.

For more information about pruning or bush trimming, you can call our experts right away, and they will be able to assist you better with your queries.


We are a highly trusted, local, and affordable bush/ shrubtree trimming service providers committed to keeping the garden healthy and our customers satisfied. Each of our services is designed, keeping these two goals in mind. For your information, we cater to different types of bushes in properties, including small, evergreen, flowering, and winter bush trimming, etc.

We offer monthly, seasonal, and single appointment bush trimming services for both commercial and residential properties. We extend courteous and professional services every time. Our staff knows a great deal about bush trimming and maintenance. Rest assured, once they get to the job, they will adequately and cautiously cater to your lawn needs and leave the space looking fantastic. This makes My Neighbor Services a leading lawn care expert in Allen, Texas, and around.

If you are interested in our bush trimming services for your Allen property or neighboring areas, please do not hesitate to ask our professionals. Trimming is one of the best services you can take to maintain our lawn. Our landscaping specialists can trim or prune those wiry and jumbled greens, so they flower better and grow nice and thicker than before.


Bush trimming or pruning is one of those tasks for property owners that most of them avoid. What keeps them from trimming those greens is feeling intimidated by the possibility of either damaging the bushes or losing their precious time to such an overwhelming task. You may neglect the growth until it gets dense, dull, and wiry may be due to a lack of time or knowledge.

My Neighbor Services understands those hassles – we have seen and dealt with so many property owners floating in the same boat.

Do not stress over it or take the task into your own hands without understanding the specifics that go behind trimming. Trimmed bushes aren’t just about cutting off the excess – it is a lot more than you can assume. The process requires specialized tools and a detailed eye to care for the lawn through and through. The process basically involves everything that will trim those shrubs and bushes while ensuring the property looks incredibly kempt and welcoming for the next season as well.

We believe in retaining a professional attitude, customer-first approach, maintaining respect, and enjoying life in the process. We guarantee timely response and deploy only safe, reliable, and best in class equipment.

What does the My Neighbor Services approach mean for you? We help you make a difference to your lawn with our:

  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Free, no-obligation estimate
  • Reasonable pricing structure
  • Fair and convenient practices
  • Reliable, on time deliveries
  • Insured and guaranteed workmanship
  • Local expertise
  • Friendly staff

Emergency Situations

In case you are stuck in an emergency, do not try handling it yourself. Call in for professional help, or else you would risk injuring yourself, the property’s structure, or the greens. Our emergency bush trimming service team can respond well with proper tools and equipment, along with practical solutions.

Local Lawn Care Experts

Who better can you trust your lawn with than a local lawn care specialist? Companies such as ours employ professionals who understand the neighborhood and love it as much as you do. We are a family-owned and operated landscape management company with all the members living and working here to ensure an efficient and lasting service for you. 

Winter Safety

Certified professionals hold the expertise to ward off winter damage that may result due to disproportionately grown bushes in your property. Not only would trimming prepare your lawn for harsh winters, but it will avert the risk of not maintaining the lawn right. Professionals at My Neighbor Services work to preserve your yard without compromising on safety in the wintertime.

Adds to the Property’s Value

Without a doubt, beautiful landscapes are pleasing for both current occupants as well as future buyers. When trimming is done right by a professional, it can certainly add more value to the property, making it good-looking and safe. When you hire our services, our professionals make sure that all the excessive greens are trimmed off nicely, so it encourages better growth.

The Landscape Pops Up

Yes, it does pop up nicely. Trimmed bushes equal to an attractive yard. Professionals not just shape the trees and bushes or shrubs but also manage any unwanted or unattractive elements that may be affecting your landscape. It is a comprehensive process that gives your yard a much-needed makeover provided you consult and contract with a competent service provider.


When you hire professionals at My Neighbor Services, you can have the peace of mind that they will carry out the trimming job with absolute efficiency. We know all the details involved with bush and shrub trimming, and more importantly, have the skills and tools to aid the process. Our years of practice has allowed us to hone our expertise in serving different kinds of bush trimming needs.


You think bush or shrub trimming is a DIY. Simply get a few tools from the nearest hardware store and chop off the excessive growth. You can certainly do that for your lawn if the growth is not too significant. But think about it in this way – what if the way you trim the bushes is actually incorrect and it hinders the growth of the greens? What when you literally hurt yourself during the process?

You might be tempted to do the trimming yourself, but weighing the pros and cons might change your perception. In case you simply want to save some bucks, we would like to break the myth. Bush trimming plans at My Neighbor Services aren’t too expensive to dig a hole in your pocket. You get assured quality at the most competitive rate. Do consider talking to our professional before making the final decision.


Bush trimming is necessary for the reason that the process adds to the beauty of the property besides meeting the safety concerns. Talking of the average bush trimming costs, these may vary from project to project and area to area in Texas or around. Factors that affect the estimates may include the following:

  • The type of bushes and their sizes
  • Region you live in
  • Amount of bushes to be removed
  • Bush trimming options
  • Current health of the bushes
  • Specific care issues
  • Number of team members to be employed
  • Complexity of bush removal/ trimming, and more.

Usually, bushes are trimmed once or twice annually. However, depending on the yard you have, the bushes may require trimming more often, like every season or every few weeks. In addition, there may be a few more considerations, such as any extra taxes or removal of trimming material/ full clean up to draft the final quote. We also keep these in mind so you do not end up with any surprise charges at a later stage of your service. Normally, it is per man hour or amount of bushes/ area basis to determine the final prices.

However, you can call us right away for actual costs, and we shall provide you with free, no-obligation, customized quotes to help you make the right decision. We offer the estimates within 2-3 business working days, sometimes earlier. What you receive includes a comprehensive, written offer detailing the fixed as well as variable costs. It allows you to compare quotes with different lawn care contractors in the area.

We can assure you the best competitive rates alongside 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction that you will get nowhere else. Our certified bush trimming staff will provide you an efficient final outcome that is well within your means and according to your unique needs.


Bush trimming allows for the healthy growth of the greens and helps them maintain their natural shape. Trimming produces more greens, flowers and locks their overall strength. However, not all the bushes can be trimmed the same way or at any time of the season. For this, My Neighbor Services professionals come to your rescue. We are a famous and most trusted trimming service provider in the town. Our team consists of certified professionals allowing the greens to receive the kind of care they demand.

Our previous bush trimming assignments exhibit the excellence we ensure with every project. We have a loyal customer base that keeps coming back since the clients see real and lasting results and not just a flash of greens. At My Neighbor Services, we go above and beyond and create a custom treatment plan based on your lawn’s individual needs.

Our primary objective is to provide high performing results, deploying quality products or equipment, and enhancing your yard. To learn more about our bush trimming services, call us today at 469-837-2871

If you are looking for professional assistance elsewhere, we also extend our services beyond Allen. We serve clients inWylieFairviewMurphySachseFriscoLucasMcKinney, and Plano with their garden, yard, and/or patio needs. 

Once you are okay with the quotes and services we offer, our landscaping experts would come to you, offer the services to meet your needs, and leave your lawn, making it look and feel as good as new. If you think we might be a good fit for your bush trimming needs, get in touch with us and let us discuss your project in detail.

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