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My Neighbor Services is a full-service, family-owned and operated landscape management company located in Allen, TX.


My Neighbor Services

is a full-service, family-owned and operated landscape management company located in Allen, TX. We pride ourselves on providing quality-conscious residential property owners across the Collin County area with professional, reliable, and full lawn and tree services. From seasonal lawn cleaning to 24/7 tree removal services, My Neighbor Services has all of your landscaping needs covered. 

Caring for your beautiful landscape is something you can never turn a blind eye to. In fact, looking after your landscaping needs is your responsibility as a homeowner. Fortunately, you do not have to invest a considerable amount of time and effort in caring for your outdoor areas. You can just leave it all to us. At My Neighbor Services, we can help you keep your landscaping looking as stunning as the first day of installation. Our experts do not use a cookie-cutter approach to the care and maintenance of your outdoor areas, so you can be assured that your landscape design will receive personalized care for the most efficient and efficient results possible. We take the time to do the right thing, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the fast service provided.

About My Neighbor Services - The Best Landscaping Company, Texas


A beautiful, well-maintained lawn can help you make a great first impression on your guests. In addition to that, it can increase the market value of your property! At My Neighbor Services, we will make your lawn gleam with elegance. Our high-quality and affordable lawn services in Allen, TX, are designed to dramatically improve the health and aesthetic appeal of your lawn, making it greener, thicker, and more beautiful than ever before. If your yard needs some love, then our lawn services are just for you. Our services include:

1. Lawn Mowing Services

Mowing may seem simple enough, but it is actually a lot more than just cutting grass. For example, cutting the grass too short can make your lawn vulnerable to weed infestation. Also, using a dull blade can tear grass, creating a jagged, uneven edge. Why not leave this tedious and complicated aspect of yard maintenance to us? At My Neighbor Services, our expert team has extensive lawn mowing experience and expertise as well as access to professional-grade mowing equipment to ensure the best mow for your grass type.

2. Mulch Service

Mulching refers to the process of laying any organic or non-organic material on the surface of the soil as a covering. Mulching can be really advantageous for your lawn’s visual appeal and health. Preventing weed growth, significantly reducing soil compaction during the rainy season, promoting soil nutrition, and making the garden bed look more attractive — these are some of the common uses of mulch. At My Neighbor Services, we offer professional mulch services. We can help you pick the best mulch and spread it to your landscaping beds in a proper manner to ensure a more beautiful and productive lawn.

3. Fertilization

Fertilizers are like food for your lawn. They provide the nutrition that your lawn needs to grow and stay healthy, green, and lush all through the year. At My Neighbor Services, we provide custom lawn fertilization that is specific to your grass type, soil quality, and local growing conditions. We only use professional, high-quality, and controlled-release lawn fertilizers to set up your lawn for success with all the nutrients it needs to thrive.

4. Fall/Spring Clean-up

Does your lawn look a little neglected around spring and fall? Changing seasons can bring with them a ton of excess debris, leaf litter, and other unsightly organic materials. When your lawn is full of these excess organic materials, you need to do something about it, as letting them stay and decay on the grass can effectively kill your lawn. We can help you attend to your lawn’s fall and spring TLC. From cleaning debris (like fallen leaves and weeds) to trimming rogue branches to preparing your perennials, we can help with all your seasonal cleaning tasks and keep your lawn looking lush and green all year long.

5. Flower Bed Services

Flower beds can keep the lawn in your Allen home looking gorgeous and colorful. Though flower beds are pretty easy to plant, they are also the most delicate part of your landscaping and, therefore, can be difficult to care for. At My Neighbor Services, we offer high-quality and affordable flower bed services to help you give your flower beds the care and attention they need to look their best every day of the year. By fixing sloppy edges, wilted plants, weeds, and compacted soil, we will ensure that your flower beds stay healthy, strong, and vibrant.

6. Flower Bed Edging

Flower bed edging is one of the most popular landscaping details among homeowners in the Collin County area, and for good reasons. It can create a clean, distinct border around your flower beds, making your lawn look more pristine and well-groomed. Beyond the obvious aesthetic advantage, though, bed edging also helps to keep the grass out of the landscaping, which in turn makes the maintenance of the lawn easier. At My Neighbor Services, we can help you keep your flower beds clean and crisp with a vast assortment of flower bed edging styles and designs to suit your lawn needs. Some of the flower bed edging options you can choose from include trench, metal or plastic, brick or concrete pavers, raised stone, and more.

7. Seasonal Color

If you want to keep your lawn looking colorful and vibrant through the change of seasons, you really ought to consider replacing those decayed floral plants and flowers with seasonal planting. At My Neighbor Services, we can provide you with a rotating planting schedule to match the seasons of the calendar. This will ensure that your lawn stays gorgeous and colorful, no matter what time of the year.

8. Deep Leaf Clean-up

Although it may not look like it, removing dead or dying leaves from the lawn is one of the most critical aspects of lawn maintenance. This is because excessive amounts of dead or dying leaves piled up on your lawn can adversely impact your lawn’s aesthetic appeal and health. At My Neighbor Services, our expert team has the experience, expertise, and equipment to help you get rid of huge piles of dead or decaying leaves from your turf. Our deep leaf clean-up services will keep your lawn looking gorgeous and immaculate.

9. Winter Leaf Pick-up Services

We have already talked about how it is not ideal for huge piles of decomposing leaves to sit on your lawn as decaying leaf buildup can result in smothered grass. But this is even more important during the winter season. Why waste your time and effort into the dreaded winter leaf pick-up when professional help is one call away? At My Neighbor Services, we will help you get rid of all the leaves, twigs, debris, and big sticks brought down by those heavy winter storms to give your landscaping a neat and tidy appearance. 


Only a few well-maintained trees and shrubs can transform your landscaping from just an outdoor area of your home into your absolute favorite space where you love to spend some quality time with family. Although trees provide clean air, relaxing shade, and a lovely view to you and your family, they do require proper and timely care and maintenance to stay fit and healthy. When your trees need to be trimmed or removed, My Neighbor Services is willing and able to help. Our high quality and affordable tree services include:

1. Hedge Trimming Services

Have the bushes or trees bordering your lawn outgrown their welcome, and now they are just making your landscaping look unruly and unrestrained? A little trimming is just what you need to keep those growing hedges in check. Hedge trimming is a great deal of work, though, which is why it is a good idea to turn to a professional tree service provider in Allen, TX, like us. At My Neighbor Services, our expert team has over ten years of experience, extensive expertise, and access to specialized tools to trim the unruly hedges (no matter how tall!) and maximize the visual impact of your lawn.

2. Sod Installation

Growing a lush green lawn takes a lot of patience, plenty of hard work, and the right weather conditions. Why deal with so many variables when you can get a gorgeous lawn NOW with sod installation? At My Neighbor Services, our expert team has years of experience in nurturing beautiful, healthy grounds. We follow a proven, step-by-step installation process that ensures that the grass is planted in the best manner possible, giving it the absolute best chance of strong roots and healthy growth. Our professional sod installation services guarantee that you will get a picture-perfect lawn you can be proud of.

3. Tree Service

Trees are inarguably the most substantial landscaping detail you have in your Allen home. That being the case, they require regular and proper care and maintenance to stay healthy. At My Neighbor Services, we have a team of certified arborists who can help you create an outdoor space with trees that is beautiful, healthy, and safe with our high-quality and affordable tree services.

4. Tree Trimming and Pruning

Proper tree trimming and tree pruning are critical to sustaining your tree’s health, stimulating growth, and retaining its natural appearance. At My Neighbor Services, we offer comprehensive tree trimming and pruning services to help you get rid of all dead, broken, or diseased branches and keep your tree healthy, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

5. Tree Removal

A dying or dead tree can have a pretty massive impact on the overall aesthetics of your landscape. Beyond that, it can also result in serious health concerns arising from unhealthy growth or falling dead branches. At My Neighbor Services, our expert team can perform a professional tree risk assessment. If a tree is found to be damaged or diseased beyond repair, we can help you remove it from your property safely and efficiently.

6. Stump Grinding

An old tree stump may not cause a lot of problems for a while after the tree is removed, but the longer you keep it, the more nuisance it can become. Over time, a decaying stump can become more than just an eyesore; it could also pose a serious threat of slip and fall injuries and become a breeding ground for pests such as termites or carpenter ants. At My Neighbor Services, we offer professional stump grinding services to help you prevent all of these issues.

7. Emergency Tree Service

Trees may not seem like potential hazards, but if they are uprooted or otherwise disturbed, they can certainly prove to be a significant cause of concern. If a tree falls or blocks a necessary pathway, My Neighbor Services provides emergency tree service to assist homeowners across the Collin County area in just about any situation and to ensure that the risk is completely removed, regardless of the time of day or night.

8. Bush Trimming 

Assorted bushes are some of the best versatile landscaping features that can add more character and color to your lawn. However, without a proper maintenance plan in place, they can take over your yard pretty quickly and affect its productivity and aesthetic appeal. We can help you control those bushes. At My Neighbor Services, we can restore order to your yard by trimming the overgrown bush.

9. Bush Removal

Once bushes with central trunks reach a certain size, they often cannot be pruned back down to smaller sizes. This is where they need to be removed. At My Neighbor Services, we can help you remove problematic bushes to preserve the health and beauty of your current landscaping with minimal soil disruption.