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Caring for the residential yard is a whole lot of responsibility for most property owners. It involves a myriad of gardening and landscaping services, one of which is the most over-looked yet essential – fall-spring lawn clean up. It is a visually impactful service that you can request for your yard in no time at My Neighbor Services. It clears your lawn of any annoying- debris, grass clippings, leaves, and any more clutter that depreciates the look of your property.

So, if the thought of “where can I find reliable and efficient fall-spring lawn clean up services near me” is running through your mind, we can help! Professionally performed fall-spring lawn clean up services by the My Neighbor Services team is designed to rid your property of any yard issues without you having to spend your precious free time on such tedious chores.

When hiring our yard clean up services, you can be sure that your property’s landscaping will be thoroughly cleaned and cared for, no matter what season it is. We take pride in our team and its working to cater to diverse project needs. We have the right tools, dependability, and a skilled team to get the job done, leaving your yard looking gorgeous again.


Why should you go for a regular fall-spring lawn care routine, or what really makes it essential? Well, if you want to keep your lawn looking healthy and appealing, be sure you are consistent with its cleaning and upkeep. Both spring and fall are those times of the year when you must call in for professional assistance to take care of your yard.

The change of seasons leaves profound consequences on the health of your lawn. Accumulated litter, debris, and other organic matter that is not dealt with on time can be so much more than merely being unsightly. Such a matter can affect the soil’s chemistry, create dead spots, and develop diseases in the vegetation. To your surprise, this organic matter can also harbor mold spores in adults, kids, and/or pets, which can be a hazardous situation.

Being steady with your lawn care efforts allows the vegetation to absorb more oxygen as well as the nutrients essential for these to survive. Not taking care of the lawn makes it look tired and worn down, further affecting the property’s overall appeal. Besides, the right kind of prep work in spring and fall will keep your yard going throughout all seasons and for long. All the effort, time, and expenses put into caring for the lawn right now will have you a space that greets with lush greenery.

Furthermore, yard clean up just does not consist of raking a few leaves and disposing of them right. It is a huge task that may be best left to the pros around you. Hiring a local landscape management company such as My Neighbor Services will help you stay ahead with your fall or spring-cleaning needs.

The very reason that a cluttered and debris-covered garden invites disease, contamination, and a decreasing curbside appeal makes it essential for property owners in Allen, Texas, and around to go for annual or half-yearly lawn care and maintenance services. By hiring experts at My Neighbor Service, you will be making sure that:

  • Your garden remains mess free
  • The property retains its value
  • Plus, you do not have to disturb your routine

If you would like to know more about us or learn about our services, schedule an appointment with us, and our friendly staff shall get back to you with relevant solutions.


Our regular customers know how we take care of their lawns with absolute sincerity and professionalism. We continuously monitor the landscaping and every time notify of anything that might need immediate attention. Our years of experience with residential landscaping management across the Collin County area enable us to recognize issues and address those reliably to retain the yard’s maximum lifespan.

The My Neighbor Services experts offer practical solutions for not just a fall-spring lawn clean up but a lot of related maintenance work as well. Our team prioritizes your clean up requirements and offer services backed by our expertise and quality. We tailor the packages as per your needs and budget. So, rest assured, our team will go that extra mile to ensure you get nothing short of excellence.

We separate ourselves on three major principles that form the core of our lawn clean up services:

Quality: We have the precise tools and equipment alongside a proficient team of professionals that understands their job well to complete your project right in time. We are dedicated to providing speedy, convenient, and lasting services without compromising on the quality.

Affordability: We make our 100% efforts to match your lawn maintenance needs well within your budget and fall in line with your expectations.

Care: My Neighbor Services specialists care about rendering quality work and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Apart from any cases of particularly large properties or ones with any structural problems, you can expect the lawn clean up service to complete within a few hours.


Spring is a time full of life and new opportunities. However, winter leftover may partially or entirely get trapped underneath, making DIY cleaning time consuming and bothering. Besides, the harshness of winters leads to quite a few problems with your artificial grass as well. Compacted soil, dead spots, and thinned grass can again lead to added damage like entertaining difficult weeds and making it difficult for the greens to grow in the summer sun.

So, to start the season in full swing and to get your property in shape, we at My Neighbor Services help you get an in-depth once-over of your yard. When you partner with our team, we offer services that will keep your yard looking well maintained and leave it in a pristine condition.

My Neighbor Services offer a broad range of lawn spring clean-up services such as:

  • Raking the flower beds
  • Removing all debris
  • Trimming those shrubs and trees
  • Cleaning the accumulated leaves
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Redefining borders
  • Updating/ aligning edging
  • Planting new soft scape features
  • Getting rid of all the organic matter, and so much more.

A range of small and big tasks make up our spring lawn clean up services packages. These will get the yard ready to welcome your spring and fall outdoor activities. Besides, we can also provide customized lawn clean up services to suit your precise needs. If you want to give your lawn a fresh start after all the winter damage, spring is the time. Call us in, and we can help you do the needful. We also suggest the necessary measures you can take to maintain the condition of your lawn for long.

Contact us for a free lawn spring clean-up consultation.


From Labor Day to Halloween and more – fall is often spent with friends and family. We gather for outdoor activities just a few more times before the winter winds come to settle. In fact, this is the time when we see the orange, red, and yellow foliage, and we cannot help but admire the beauty all around. But with all the good stuff comes the time to get the cleaning gears to work – in fact, a lot of work.

Therefore, fall is the perfect time to clear and trim all those leaves, bushes, and trees of summer, spring, and fall. Most vegetation would get into its hibernation mode and will not be observing much growth. Bugs as well will not be as abundant to destroy your plants. But this will be possible only with an efficient and thorough fall lawn clean up service to prepare the yard to move towards the winters.

At My Neighbor Services, we use state of the art equipment and techniques to haul away what Mother Nature leaves behind and set free fall’s glory. Our fall clean up may include a variety of services, some of which consist of:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Controlling late season weed growth
  • Blowing off the debris and leaves
  • Protecting perennial vegetation
  • Mulching
  • Dethatching
  • Aerating
  • Pruning trees, bushes, and shrubs
  • Lawn fertilizing
  • Bagging all organic matter, and more.

We may also offer additional services depending on your particular lawn cleaning needs.

Some property owners prefer to have their yards cleaned only during springtime. However, it is beneficial to also go for a fall lawn clean up every year since it adds to your property’s appeal and maintains the yard’s condition. With that being said, the My Neighbor Services team is so ready to prep your space for the winters and offer this outdoor space the professional attention it demands.

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Lawn clean-up is a variable job, and the estimates wholly depend on factors unique to every project. While spring is the time to assess and clean your yard after the long winter months, as well as prep it for warmer seasons ahead, fall is the time to walk towards a chilly climate that certainly will not be as dearly as you assume for the landscape and in fact, only make it lifeless and a bit depressing. Thus, lawn care, cleaning, and maintenance work involve various tasks, making it difficult to abide by a single, standardized quote.

Your particular requirements, the current condition of your yard, any problems with the yard, amount of accumulation, the yard size, where you live, etc., can distinguish the quotes.

Talk to our lawn care professionals, and we shall be able to guide you better on this. When you discuss your requirements with us, and we know the specifics of the project in detail, it allows us to offer you accurate quotes dodging off the risk of any surprise charges at a later stage. 

If you would like to know more about our payment structure for fall-spring lawn clean up services, we are right here to offer you free no-obligation estimates. We make sure to draft out an estimate that is as precise as possible.


Those leaves are not going to rake up themselves. So, if your lawn looks a little too neglected and before keying in “lawn clean up services near me” queries on the internet and getting puzzled with thousands of service providers, allow My Neighbor Services to help you with those seasonal chores and keep the yard looking green and fresh all year long.

Get in touch with us at (469) 837-2871 if you are located anywhere in or around Allen, TX. We also serve major nearby areas, including FairviewFriscoLucasMcKinneyMurphyPlanoSachse, and Wylie. Besides, not just lawn care and maintenance, we also extend our expertise in roofingAC repair, and remodeling needs of all our clients.

We are a local, full-service, and family-owned and operated landscape management company possessing more than a decade long landscaping experience that exhibits in our projects. You can speak to our trusted, local, and knowledgeable professionals about your particular needs and schedule a consultation with us, or simply request a free quote.

You will be presented with even the smallest details concerning your yard clean up, and soon enough, you will have a landscape that looks as good as new, not just in spring or fall but all year long.

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