How to Keep Your Yard Green and Healthy Year-Round!

Mar 31, 2022

7 Steps to Keep Green & Healthy Yard - My Neighbor Services

7 Steps to Keep Green & Healthy Yard – My Neighbor Services

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time in your backyard, admiring the beautiful landscaping or just sitting back and enjoying some nature. When it comes to making sure your yard stays healthy, green, and looking fantastic all year round, you need to be strategic about how you maintain it. From fertilizing regularly to picking up leaves from the lawn, here’s some advice on keeping a healthy yard even when there are no short days and long nights!



What Makes a Healthy Yard?yard green

Yards can be a great place to spend time with your family. But, if you don’t have time to mow the lawn or find time for other upkeeps, the yard may end up looking neglected and unkempt. There are a few steps that will make sure your yard is healthy year-round. Mowing your lawn regularly is one of the most important things you can do to keep a healthy yard. Mowing will prevent weeds and grass from taking over, and it helps create a neat and attractive appearance.

However, many people struggle with getting their lawn mowed regularly. If this sounds like you, then there are a few ways that you can make sure that your yard stays in shape year-round.

If you are short on time , then you will have to sacrifice lawn mowing for a couple of weeks every month. You should get your yard mowed about once a week, depending on the weather and how frequently you are able to get out there. If you don’t remember to cut your grass at least once, then be sure consider scheduling an appointment with My Neighbor Services!

We mow just enough for the health of your grass so that it does not grow too much or too little during the season. Using weed repellant during the spring and summer, you should know that weeds are going to be a problem in your lawn. If you do not want your yard to become filled with these unwanted plants, then you will have to use a grass killer or weed killer once or twice during the month, depending on the season.

A good way to make sure that these types of treatments are applied correctly is by trimming all of your shrubs and bushes so that it will be easier for them to be sprayed. There are many different kinds of herbicides that you can use and they will work in various ways. Some work by killing the grass, while other types of herbicides kill weeds from a distance


Step 1: Choose Your Location

Your healthy yard can be green year-round with a few simple steps. First, you need to choose where you want your garden. You should plant flowers or vegetables in your garden to grow food and keep the ground well-watered. Next, you will need to choose which plants will thrive in your area. The selection of plants that grow well in a certain area varies depending on what climate your yard is located in.

Once you have decided which plants to add to your yard, placement is essential! Our team has the knowledge to place plants in direct or indirect sun to ensure they thrive. Location is an important factor in how your yard looks and stays green. If you live near tall trees or buildings, they will shade your lawn and prevent it from getting enough sunlight. Tall grass can also be a problem if there are lots of bugs that can come into your yard and spread disease.

Step 2: Mow and Mulch the Grass

When it’s time to mow your lawn, don’t just take the mower and mow the grass like you normally would. It is important to use mulch to cover up any weed seeds that may be present in your yard. When using mulch, it is important to make sure that you are covering up all of the weeds. This will prevent any new weeds from growing and eliminate an area where they could grow.

Mulching is an important step to take when trying to get rid of pesky weeds within your healthy yard. Each lawn has a different makeup, and there is no one type of mulch that works for all types of soils. My Neighbor Services has done the research on soil types before laying mulch on lawns in the Allen area.

Step 3: Keep the Fungi Out!

Keeping green and healthy yard is an important part of keeping your home healthy. Many gardeners like to use a mulch bed to help keep the soil moist and weed-free. However, not all types of mulch are safe for your plants Make sure that you do not over-water your garden.

Overwatering can really lead to problems such as root rot, which will kill grass and plants The same goes for under-watering; make sure that the soil around the plants stays moist, but not soggy.

Step 4: Watering is Essential!

The fourth step is watering. In the spring and summer, you might need to water a few times a day. In the winter, you’ll need to water twice a week.

Step 5: Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Chemicals are bad for the environment and health, but they can be useful in what you need to do in your yard. Find a non-toxic alternative such as apple cider vinegar or even vegetable oil to get the job done. If you’re in the market for fertilizer, take a look around at your current soil. You might have too much or not enough nutrients to feed your plants. Don’t waste time buying something that doesn’t work as well as something that already has what you need.

Step 6: Give It Some Sunlight!

It’s essential to keep a green and healthy yard. The most important thing you can do is give it some sunlight. My Neighbor Services can help you choose plants such that are sun-hardy and will thrive in the Texas heat!

Step 7: There’s No Substitute for Nature!

If your yard seems a bit barren, you’re not alone. It’s easy to forget that plants need light, water, and nutrients in order to thrive. What makes their growth even more important is that plants absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air, creating oxygen for us to breathe. In short: healthier soil = healthy plants = clean air!



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