Your Lawn’s Best Defense Against a Tough Summer

Apr 22, 2022

Summer Lawn, My Neighbor Services

Summer Lawn, My Neighbor Services

We all know that summer can be an unbearable experience. You’re almost guaranteed to come home from a long day at work and find your grass has grown an inch or two and is barely keeping you cool. Make this summer season a little more bearable by considering some green choices for your summer lawn!

Now that summer is on it’s way and the temperatures are soaring, it’s a good idea to start taking steps to help your lawn stay healthy. If your lawn is already looking a little distressed and needs some extra care, read this article for strategies on how to keep your grass green during the summer months.


When to Take Action on Your Lawn

Summertime means hotter weather and a lot of activity on your lawn. Insects and other pests love the heat, so it’s important to take action now to protect your lawn from potential damage. Here are four tips for keeping your lawn healthy this summer:

1. Water your lawn regularly – Even in the hottest weather, a dry lawn is a hospitable environment for pests and diseases. Keep an eye on the water level in your irrigation system and make sure it’s supplying sufficient water to all parts of the lawn.

2. Mulch your lawn – A layer of mulch around your plants acts as a natural shade and helps retain moisture. Make sure the mulch is fresh and free of weed seeds – old mulch can contain weed seeds that will sprout in hot weather and compete with your plants.

3. Control insect populations – There are many different types of insects that can damage lawns, so it’s important to identify the sources of pest problems and take appropriate action. For example, if you see caterpillars eating leaves or flowers, spraying them with a pesticide may be effective.

4. Apply a fungicide when necessary – If you notice spots on your lawn, you should check to see if they are caused by a fungus. This can happen when a fungus overwinters in the soil and infects your grass. You may also be able to find the fungi on your leaves or stem bark. Fungi can wreak havoc on turfgrass and drastically shorten its lifespan, so it’s important to take steps to get rid of them.


How to Maintain Your Lawn During The Summer

Summer can be tough on lawns. The heat and humidity can cause grass to become brittle and die, leaving your yard looking unkempt. Here are some tips to help keep your summer  lawn healthy and looking great during the summer:

  1. Water your lawn regularly – even when it doesn’t look like it needs it – to keep it hydrated and healthy;
  2. Avoid mowing too deeply or close to the soil – this can damage the root system and lead to weakened lawn;
  3. Apply a lawn care product specifically formulated for hot weather conditions every week or two – this will help protect the turf from sun damage and prevent fungus from growing;
  4. Fertilize your lawn every 3-4 months with a high quality fertilizer designed for warm climates – this will help promote healthy growth and resist diseases;
  5. Avoid over-exposure to sunlight – this can cause brown patches on your lawn.
  6. Clean up any debris that accumulates around the plants and trees in your yard – this will help reduce moisture levels and promote healthier turf growth.


The Benefits of Well-Maintained Lawns

Lawns are one of the most important components of a home’s exterior. Not only do they add beauty and value to your property, but they also serve a functional purpose by keeping your yard clean and weed-free. Summer lawn care is an important part of maintaining a healthy home, and there are many things you can do to ensure that your lawn is in good condition this summer.

Here are some of the benefits of well-maintained summer lawns:

-Maintaining a lawn reduces the need for pesticides and other lawn care products, which can be harmful to both you and your environment.

-A clean, well-maintained lawn looks better and attracts more visitors, which can lead to increased property values.

-Lawn maintenance also saves you time and money by preventing problems before they become major issues.

If you’re looking to keep your lawn in good condition this summer, here are some tip to follow:

-Water your lawn regularly throughout the day, especially during hot weather months. Overwatering will cause turf grasses to become mushy and prone to disease, while under watering will result in brown patches or dead grass.


The Importance of Fertilizer

There’s no doubt that fertilizing your summer lawn is one of the most important things you can do to help it thrive in a tough summer season. Lawns that are fertilized regularly will have more green leaves and fewer brown patches, and they’ll be less likely to suffer from pest or disease problems. Here are some grass fertilization tips:

  • Fertilize in the early morning or late evening when the temperatures are cooler. This will help ensure that the fertilizer is absorbed into the turfgrass and doesn’t evaporate.
  • Use a high-quality, water soluble fertilizer. Not all lawn fertilizers are created equal! Over-the-counter products often contain lower quality ingredients that can damage turfgrass.
  • Apply a balanced fertilizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t overfertilize; too much nitrogen can lead to lush green grass but also excessive water use and decreased soil fertility.
  •  Maintain a healthy lawn by avoiding compaction, using appropriate watering habits, and removing debris regularly. A well fertilized lawn should require only occasional watering during a hot summer.


Call My Neighbor Services for Summer Lawn Care!

Now that you have learned about all the main benefits that come with fertilizing your summer lawn and gardens, it’s time for you to give My Neighbor Services a call. We are a family-owned lawn and tree care company that has been serving Collin County homes for many years. Not only are we knowledgeable about the various types and applications of fertilizers, but we also provide high-quality services at a reasonable cost.

Call 469-837-2871 to talk with one of our certified lawn professionals, who have been providing high-quality household and commercial lawn and garden services since 2005.

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