Fall Leaf Clean Up What To Know And Expect

Oct 27, 2022

Fall Leaf Clean Up What To Know And Expect

Fall Leaf Clean Up What To Know And Expect

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons during which we get to enjoy nature’s fresh colors, crisp flavors, and relaxing scents. The downside of the season is that it provides the perfect opportunity for leaves to make their way into your yard. It can be a difficult task to clean up the leaves but there are some steps you can take to minimize how much time you spend cleaning up after nature. Continue reading to learn more about the fall leaf clean up process.


Why Do Leaves Fall

There are a few things to know and expect when it comes to leaves falling from trees. The leaves fall because the tree is losing energy. When the tree loses energy, it can no longer support the weight of the leaf. Over time, this will cause the branch or trunk of the tree to die.

The process of photosynthesis happens in the chloroplasts of plant cells. During daylight hours, these cells use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen. This process creates energy for the plant, which is used to create stem cells, carbohydrate compounds, and other essential cell structures.

At night, when there is less light hitting the chloroplasts, these cells use stored energy to continue producing glucose and oxygen. However, because there is not as much light available for photosynthesis, some leaves will stop growing and will eventually fall off the tree.


Some things to consider before pruning your landscape while it is springtime

There are things to consider before pruning your landscape while it is springtime in the spring. One thing to consider is when you will be able to reach those bushes and trees that you want to prune. If the leaves are on the bushes, then they should be safe to work on. In general, avoid pruning plants during times of rapid growth if they have until next fall before they need to be cut back again. For example, avoid pruning a Japanese Maple that has just been planted or a Dogwood tree that is beginning its flowering season.

If you do decide to prune trees and shrubs before the leaves have fully developed, take extra precautions. Wear protective gear including gloves, a face shield, and a dust mask. Also, wear thick clothes like a long-sleeved shirt because when the branches are cut back and held in place with straps, they can cause injuries from the splinters flying off of them.

Also, be aware of what time of day you will be pruning your trees and bushes as it will determine how much they will be exposed to the sun and air temperature. Â Avoid pruning on cloudy days or during the hottest part of the day when the temperature is over 100 degrees F, as it may weaken your tree or bush.


How Do Leaves Fall

Leaves fall from trees and shrubs during the autumn season due to a natural process called senescence. The leaves drop from the tree or shrub primarily because they no longer have the energy to stay attached to the stem. Once the leaf falls to the ground, it will typically stop moving and will eventually decay.

There are several things that you can do to help clean up after leaves fall. Firstly, make sure that you clear away any debris that has collected on the ground around the tree or shrub. This includes leaves, branches, and even small rocks. Secondly, be sure to clean up any leaves that have landed on your property. Simply rake them into a pile and then discard them in a trashcan. Finally, be sure to avoid touching or stepping on fallen leaves as they may contain harmful bacteria.


When to Begin the Fall Leaf Clean Up Process

There is no easy answer when it comes to the specifics of when to begin the fall leaf clean up process. The most important thing to remember is that fall leaf clean up should be done as early in the season as possible in order to avoid damaging plant tissues and reducing yields. Here are some general tips for starting the clean up process:

  • If you live in an area with significant rain, wait until after the first big raindrop has fallen before beginning your leaf clean up process. This will help to prevent water damage and reduce the amount of work required later on.
  • If you live in an area with mild weather, begin your clean up process a few weeks before Fall officially starts. This will help to avoid any major rainfall delays later on.
  • Begin by checking all of your plant’s leaves for debris. Remove any large pieces of debris, twigs, or leaves that are too damaged to clean. Try not to remove smaller pieces if they can be easily swept up – this will save time and energy later on.
  • Once all of the leaves have been checked and removed, start sweeping up any loose debris using a broom or a push broom attachment made for this purpose. Sweep up around trees and other large plants as well as along sidewalks and gutters where leaves have collected over time.
  • Next, use a hose attachment to spray down any areas that need cleaning particularly hard – this includes areas near tree roots and under large shrubs. Make sure to spray down all of the debris, not just the leaves.
  • Once the areas around your plants have been sprayed down, use a hose to clean off any remaining debris. Use a stream of water and avoid spraying directly onto plant leaves – this will damage them and reduce their ability to photosynthesize.


How to Handle the Fall Leaf Clean Up

When the leaves of trees start to fall, homeowners and businesses may be wondering what to do with all of the leaves. There are a few different ways to clean up leaf debris, and each one has its own set of pros and cons. Here are some tips on how to handle the fall leaf clean up:

  1. Bag it up: One option is to bag up all of the leaves and take them to a nearby dumpster. This is the easiest option, but it can be time-consuming and there is potential for messiness if leaves get wet.
  2. Sweep it up: Another option is to sweep up all of the leaves using a broom or a dustpan. This approach is less time-consuming, but there is potential for more messy cleanup if leaves get wet or if they get caught in the broom or dustpan.
  3. Pick it up: The final option is to pick up all of the leaves using a leaf rake or a shovel. This approach is the fastest, but it can be more laborious than either of the other two options.


Tips for Successful Leaf Removal

  • It is important to remove leaves before they fall off the tree or shrub, as wet leaves will create an extra mess and can damage trees and flowers.
  • Use a leaf blower with a narrow nozzle to blow leaves away from the tree or shrub.
  • Wear protective gear, including a face mask, gloves, and goggles, when cleaning up leaves.
  • Try not to walk on freshly-removed leaves; they will stick to your shoes and create further messes.
  • Collect leaves in a pile and wait until they have dried before disposing of them in the garbage or recycling bin.


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