Springtime Lawn Care: How to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

Apr 6, 2022

Spring Yard, My Neighbor Services

Spring Yard, My Neighbor Services

Spring is the time of year when many of us think about getting our yards ready for the warmer weather. But just as we change our wardrobes from winter clothes to spring and summer clothing, we also need to give our yards a makeover too. Read on for tips on what to do in your spring yard.


Tips for Spring Yard Lawn Care

spring yardSpring can be a great time to get your yard ready for the warmer weather. Mow the lawn and remove any winter debris, such as leaves or snow. Next, fertilize the lawn to help it grow and repair itself from damage caused by winter. Lastly, mow the lawn again. It should be noted that when you are mowing, always use a mulching blade. This will return valuable nutrients from clippings back into the soil to feed your grass and keep it green all season long.

Springtime lawn care can be a real chore. You have to make sure that your yard is clean, watered, and free of weeds. There are some great tips for getting you started with spring yard care. For example, it’s important to keep your lawn tidy by raking up any debris that might still be left from the winter. It’s a good idea to get rid of fallen leaves as well because they’ll eventually turn into a smelly mess if left on the lawn. If you don’t have time to do all this yourself, call us at My Neighbor Services! We can help!


Checklist for Spring Yard Care

To prepare your spring yard, start by giving it a good mowing. This should be done about once a week or after the first rain. Then, you will want to fertilize the yard. You can use compost or other fertilizer according to the instructions on the packaging. Next, aerate your lawn using either a spike aerator or a power aerator. Finally, apply lime to your soil if it is too acidic and provide some mulch where needed.

-Clean up any remaining leafs, leaves, and other trash from the yard
-Cut back any bushes and shrubs that were damaged during winter
-Mow your lawn to keep it at a manageable height. You can tell if your lawn needs to be mowed by looking at the blades of grass. If they are below one inch long then you need to mow.


Lawn Cleaning 

Now is the time to clean out your lawn from leaves and other debris. Use a leaf blower, or rake the leaves and cut grass down to about 1 inch. Clean up any weeds and other plants that may have sprouted in the winter. Weed killer can be applied to kill off any undesirable plants. Spread fertilizer over the lawn for it start to grow again after going dormant for the winter months.

Cleaning your lawn is an important part of preparing for the spring season. It’s important to pick up leaves and other debris that may have fallen over the winter. You should also weed patch areas of the lawn. Finally, you will want to rake away any sticks or branches that may be causing a tripping hazard. Other important tasks include aerating your lawn or applying fertilizer as needed.


Weed Control

Weed control is necessary for all yards. The best time to put down weed killer is in the fall before winter sets in. It’s also important to water your garden regularly so that weeds can’t grow. If you have an infestation of weeds, it might be necessary to use a stronger chemical weed killer such as Round-Up or 2,4-D.

One of the most important things that you can do to prepare your lawn for spring is weed control. This will prevent the growth of unwanted plants and keep your yard looking neat and tidy. There are many different ways to kill weeds in your yard, but one of the most common is using a weed killer. Before you start spraying your yard with a weed killer, make sure that it isn’t harmful to any animals or plants that are currently living in your yard.


Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Springtime

Make sure to fertilize your lawn in the springtime if you want to get your yard ready for spring. Consider applying a fertilizer with three numbers on the back of the bag to make sure that you have a balanced fertilization for optimal results. Choose an organic fertilizer over a chemical one since it won’t harm anything in your yard and will keep it looking great.

Springtime is when we can finally see the green leaves of our trees and plants start to grow after being dormant all winter. It is also a time when we start thinking about gardening, but not just your garden. If you have a lawn, it’s important that you take care of it during the springtime as well. In order to get your lawn ready for spring, you’ll need to fertilize it properly. You’ll need plenty of nitrogen, which is found in rich clumps of grass so be sure to fertilize with a high-nitrogen mix as soon as possible before the grass starts growing too much.


Mowing Your Lawn in the Springtime

It is always a good idea to get your lawn in tip-top shape for the spring. In the spring, you should mow your lawn at least every two weeks and change the blades on your mower. You should also fertilize your lawn so it has all of the nutrients it needs to keep its green color.

Springtime is a time of renewal. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your yard back in shape and ready for the season. Whether you’re someone who doesn’t know how to mow their lawn or you just need a refresher on how to maintain it, there are some important things to keep in mind when this time comes around.


My Neighbor Services can help with your Springtime Spruce-Up!

Now that you have learned about all the main benefits that come with fertilizing your lawn and gardens, it’s time for you to give My Neighbor Services a call. We are a family-owned lawn and tree care service provider that has been serving all homeowners living in the Collin County area. Not only are we well-read about the different types and use cases of fertilizers, but we also offer quality services at an affordable price.

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