Weekly and Bi-Weekly Mowing

Weekly Mowing

Starting at $30

Our weekly mowing service starts at $30 for most yards. Price is based on your lot size, and our average customer pays $30- $35 for weekly service. We strongly suggest weekly lawn mowing to keep your lawn to optimize the look and health of your lawn. Well-maintained lawns provide natural weed control, protection from long, hot Texas summers and increase your curb appeal!

56793689 - autumn lawn and dead leaves

Bi-Weekly Mowing

We provide bi-weekly mowing if requested for $7 – $9 more than our weekly service.

Bi-weekly mowing can result in an uneven cut, clumps being left on the lawn, and removal of too much of the length of the grass blade. Thus, in most cases, we will not send our crews back to correct these types of issues on bi-weekly accounts.


Service includes:

     Mowing all of the grassy areas

     Edging around the sidewalks, patio, alley, and driveway

     Weed-eating/Line-trimming around all landscaping, the perimeter of the home, and fencing.

     Blowing all the clippings off of the paved areas

22134051 - stacks of sod rolls
mowed lawns with shrubs near the stone walkway